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Search results

  1. Garydavid

    Stillness of Morning

    Nice capture ! Good work.
  2. Garydavid

    Hello everyone

    Need to get a decent digital. I have a digital now but cant really get into it. I need a good one with interchangable lenses. I miss my nikon film camera. I had all the lenses for it. Could do some nice photography with it. With the digital that I have its like trying to do an oil painting with...
  3. Garydavid

    Southern ground Hornbill

    F Fantastic lighting! The texture is wonderful. And so is that eye that captures mine. Nice.
  4. Garydavid

    Want Pointers Houghton House

    I like that upper shot. Gives me a sense of of a long lost secret past. Nice dramatic sky.
  5. Garydavid

    Just Sharing Black Hawk at the loop.

    Well done! My opinion is that the jet made this shot interesting. It added drama to an othwise undramatic shot. I loke it!
  6. Garydavid

    Full Critique Waterfall

    Fantastic! Now that belongs on a wall!
  7. Garydavid

    Pelicans, Spoonbills and Ibises

    Nice angle and.positioning. Makes you feel like you there.
  8. Garydavid

    Asian female Cuckoo

    Actually I do like it. Initially I was not sure but as I kept lookong at it, it captured me. Very creative and interesting . The original is good as well but the reworked one is much better. For me it holds interest far more.
  9. Garydavid

    Bird Sanctuary

    Nice! Captures interest with still and motion together. Very good.
  10. Garydavid

    Holding Hands

    This is very nice. I like this! Good work!
  11. Garydavid

    Hello everyone

    Its good to be here. Thank you.
  12. Garydavid

    A boy

    Nice capture! Lighting is very pleasing.
  13. Garydavid

    Christmas Day Candids

    Very very nice portraits.
  14. Garydavid

    Full Critique Another Portrait from Yesterday

    Very interesting. Catches the imagination . Very nice work.
  15. Garydavid

    Full Critique The pain of a student

    Very interesting composition! I like it.
  16. Garydavid

    Hello everyone

    Just registered and looking forwards to seeing yoir work. I have been involved in photography for a long while now. Started way back with black and white and ektachrome days. I enjoy most types of photagraphy. Favorites i would have to say are macro photography, wildlife and portrait. Spent many...