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Search results

  1. ImSoQuazy

    Take one more step and I will kill you.

    Wow Adorable Very fun shoot I hope
  2. ImSoQuazy

    Water on grass

    Super Like it very much
  3. ImSoQuazy

    Red Squirrel

    Were you very close to the squirrel? I kind of see a “human like” reflection in its eyes...
  4. ImSoQuazy

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 10/02/2019

    Did your equipment get wet? It appears as if you are riding along next to surfer dude! Excellent!
  5. ImSoQuazy

    Have You All

    Just now did so...
  6. ImSoQuazy

    Another Snowy Walk

    Wow! But if I had to pick, I’d be in trouble! Love them ALL! Fantastically cold!
  7. ImSoQuazy

    Elephant Sunset

    This is absolutely stunning! Great captures! The elephant though... WOW! Someday...
  8. ImSoQuazy

    Competition Result The winner of IOTM December 2018

    Some day when I grow up I’m going to be a judge here.... I chose the winner! Congratulations!!! But the again, I’m sure you did too... Paul
  9. ImSoQuazy

    few pics in filey. met the family.

    Thank you Isac. Very kind of you! Paul
  10. ImSoQuazy

    few pics in filey. met the family.

    How did you accomplish the frame, Isaac? Lovely touch! I’d like one please...
  11. ImSoQuazy

    The weight of it all.

    I’m learning lots on this thread! I always believed in “better have it and not need it than need it and not have it...”. But gosh darn it if things don’t get heavy quickly! My bag, I’m sure yours too, converts into a backpack and when traveling - especially thru airports - it’s inconceivable...
  12. ImSoQuazy

    Portrait of Humanity photography prize entries – in pictures

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Fantastic!
  13. ImSoQuazy

    A boy

    Super Lovely!
  14. ImSoQuazy

    Glencoe & Glen Etive

    How the heck do you get such great images..!?
  15. ImSoQuazy

    Full Critique Sunset Dubai

    Very nice
  16. ImSoQuazy

    Robin & Dunnock

    Wow is an understatement!