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Search results

  1. E

    Photoshop plug-ins???

    Was wondering if anyone uses Photoshop plug ins for their landscape or portrait photography and if so what do you use?
  2. E

    Want Pointers Scott2

  3. E

    Bow Fiddle Sunrise

    Nice images!
  4. E

    Glencoe & Glen Etive

    Beautiful, all of them.
  5. E

    Full Critique 2018 Update

    Beer and a smile... What more do ya need for a good selfie?
  6. E

    Go Easy On Me Scott

    6d 50 mm Ad600 32 inch octa
  7. E

    Full Critique Low key images

    You have gone for Halloween lighting. .... I read one time that our brains are so use to seeing the Shadows going down that when lit from the bottom or below that our brains can't figure out why and it gives us/the Viewer a sense of uneasiness... Anyway, try the modifier from above and as close...
  8. E

    Want Pointers Chey1

    6d 50 mm Ad600 in 32 in octa camera right
  9. E

    Want Pointers Hunter

    Please resize the image and upload it again. The maximum size allowed is 1024 pixels on the longest side. This maximum is for linked images as well as direct uploads.
  10. E

    A naked lady

    I'm in the same beginner boat but might be able to help. The halo he is referring to is the bright "outline" around the combine where I exposure blended and was lazy and didn't fix them. I just watched a YouTube video where you take the clone stamp with a overlay blend mode and clean it right up.
  11. E

    A naked lady

    v byLol... Well, you been had. It's just a shot of a road here in flat, rural and boring Ol' Arkansas.
  12. E

    Missing summer

  13. E

    The park

  14. E

    Stripped Birch

    I really REALLY like this. I have been wanting to try my hand at this type of photography but in my area I don't want to be "trespassing" on others property. So, I'm still looking for a spot while I'm out and about.
  15. E

    Magic Night

    This is an amazing image.
  16. E

    Autumn in Ellesmere

    I like the beams, maybe turned down just a tad in opacity but I do think they add to an already beautiful image.
  17. E

    A boy

  18. E

    8 bit 16 bit

    Why when I import my 16 bit raw file into ACR and PS it says 8 bit and I have to change it every time and some times I forget to change it!! I thought a 16 bit RAW would stay a 16 bit RAW.
  19. E

    Filter smudges

    Not sure where to post this... So.. I'm bought some ND filters, the screw on kind, and I bought a cleaning cloth and I can NOT for the life of me get them clean!! They stay smudged. What can I clean them with?
  20. E

    Love you Momma

  21. E

    Mountain View, Arkansas

  22. E

    Full Critique Foggy fall mornings

    6d 135mmf2
  23. E

    Full Critique Steph

    I like these but I can not get that bright, airy wedding look. I'm stumped
  24. E

    Full Critique Steph

    135 f2 6d 34 inch Beauty Dish
  25. E

    A frame

    6d 135mmf2 5ft octa
  26. E

    Full Critique Cheer girl

    6D 135mm f2 Ad600 camera Right in a 34 inch BD
  27. E

    Farm land

    No, unfortunately it does not. The second one actually had a patch of grass about 3 ft x 3ft only in the left side of the track and the rest was mud and gravel.
  28. E

    Blanchard Springs

  29. E

    Farm land

  30. E

    Full Critique Fall is a coming!!

    Got a new filters and had to go try my hand at this. Any CC is welcome. Thanks
  31. E

    Full Critique Thinking of you...

    6D 17-40L AD600 in a 34 inch BD
  32. E

    Want Pointers I do..

  33. E

    Sunset vs sunrise

    From my very little experience.. it pays to drag your self out if bed in the mornings. But it could have just been my luck but the mornings as I'm going to work are almost always better that sunset which I'm also awake for and watching. Too many variables but if you have a storm the night...
  34. E

    Want Pointers A building and a barn

    Pushing my self to shoot things other than people
  35. E

    Want Pointers Sunset in Main St.

    Had a chance to get out and practice Canon 6D 17-40 with a 3 stop ND 600 watt strobe in a 34 inch BD
  36. E

    Want Pointers A kiss in the sunflowers

    Yeah, looks like she's a size 18 8n the foot ;)
  37. E

    Step up or set down ring

    I'm going to purchase a 3 stop ND filter and it will be used with my Canon 17-40 from L (77mm filter) and the Canon 135mm f2(72mm filter). How should this go? Buy a 77mm ND and step down to fit the 72mm? I think this is right.
  38. E

    Want Pointers Friend's engagement

    6d 135 mm f2 Ad600 34 inch BD The light was on their faces, so I turned them and now it was hitting his back. Didn't bother me at first but now drives me crazy!!