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  1. piersidephotos

    I suppose Astro counts as Landscape

    Here is my first ever photo of the milky way arch from a place called Castle hill in New Zealand. I was lucky enough to tag along with a pro-astro photographer from our camera club. This is a stitch of 24 photos in LR.
  2. S

    Advise for first milkyway shoot

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I am an enthusiast and like taking photos. I currently use a Sony A7r II. I am planning to go out to shoot milkyway photos in the near future. I tried just shooting the sky outside my home today to see if I am able to focus and see what I can capture. Please see...
  3. C

    What’s the best method to print pictures of stars in the night sky?

    Topic. I have a beautiful picture of the stars, but I’ve tried having it printed twice now! Once at Walgreens and once on one of those develop pictures online stores that claim they use top of the line printing methods. The problem is, both times I’ve received the pictures, it doesn’t look...
  4. BradleyStearn

    Astrophotography on 35mm film

    I've been experimenting with some astrophotography on my digital rangefinder over the past couple of weeks, and have decided it would be time well spent experimenting with using 135 film too. I'm interested in hearing a variety of opinions on using black and white film for astro photography. I...
  5. M

    Astro photography - how to focus on distant stars

    Hi, I've been photographing a while now and have been recently been interested in Astro photography. I have a Canon 650D(Rebel T4i), tripod, shutter release timer, and star tracker etc, I take long exposures of Orion’s Nebula etc and stack the images using Sequator - then process in Lightroom. My only...
  6. JSharm

    Advice on kit for Astrophotography

    Hi all I've got a couple of trips planned this year where I think I'll be able to fit in some night shoots. I've spent a bit of time searching on the Internet but there's a lot of conflicting views. Wondered if anybody on here has Astrophotography experience. My current set up is a Canon 77d...
  7. A

    Canon 1300D(Rebel T6) vs. Nikon D3300

    Hello, new to these forums, I'm a complete beginner to DSLR photograhy and was going to get one for my birthday in March. I was looking at either the Nikon D3300 or the Canon 1300D(Rebel T6), as these are considered to be the best beginner DSLRs for under £350. The Nikon seems to be the better one (and...
  8. T

    Canon SX60 Help!!

    Hello! New to the site and new to photography! Got the bug from my trip to iceland! I wanted to start taking night sky pictures. I live in a rural area and the sky can be stunning some times. I read that to take a good (or even bad!) astro photo you needed a camera that would allow a high ISO...