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  1. C

    Just dropped my camera for the first time. Is it okay?

    Topic. I was outside taking some picture of the moon and when I walked into the house, the part of the tripod you screw the camera onto completely fell off the tripod and my camera with the lens still attached went crashing down onto the tile floor. Thankfully I was quick enough to reach my leg...
  2. L

    HELP - Konica Hexar AF [SOLVED]

    Hi! I need your help. I just got myself a Konica Hexar AF in tip top shape, but when i load a new film and turn on the camera it rewinds the film instead of loading it (its rewinded one roll into the canister already, so thats 36 shots wasted..) I pressed the rewind button before the roll (which...
  3. W

    Nikon D7100 - Weird shutter issue - broken?

    Hi there, All of a sudden i seem to be having an issue where the shutter speed and the shutter dont seem to match up. Tried tethering to a PC and using the camera normally get the same issues... If you check the metadata on the image, its the same as what i have dialled into the camera.