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bronica sq

  1. Ricklb55

    Bronica SQ ME prism finder fix

    This is how to fix an ME prism finder whose brass pins no longer adequately connect to a film back. You will only need a #00 Phillips screwdriver and I recommend that it be magnetic. Depending on your eyes, you may find you need some kind of hands free magnifying device. With the ME prism...
  2. Ricklb55

    Bronica SQ ME Prism Finder on SQ-Ai body

    Just acquired a Bronica SQ-Ai body today. I was fully expecting to find that my ME Prism Finder S would work on it, but it does not. When I push the silver button on the left side of the Prism to activate the meter the over exposue "+" shows up in Prism and no setting of the apeture or shutter...
  3. Ricklb55

    HELP! Bronic SQ Extension Tube lockup

    Just got a like new S-36 extension tube. Per what I've read I put it on my PS-50mm lens first, then fitted it to the camera. Removed the lens and, it took some fussying with it, but the extension tube finally came off. Did it successfully a second time. Then I put my S-150mm lens on the...