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  1. R

    Help needed with Sigma 150-600 C

    I've been favoring this lens for about a year now. Last week I've noticed the sound of what seems like a motor running and a click even when I just turn the camera on. and about a minute after I turn the camera on. (Like it's trying to focus?) I also noticed it's draining the battery even when...
  2. L

    Film camera beginner, looking for battery and general advice

    Hi, I've recently dug out an old Canon Eos 600 that my mum used to use around 20 years ago, and I have a couple of queries if anyone wouldn't mind giving me a hand - first off, if there's anything it might be worth knowing before getting myself into the sphere of film camera usage, I'd love to...
  3. C

    Help mounting vintage lens to DLSR

    Hey guys! So I have a Canon EOS 1100D(Rebel T3) and was looking to mount a Helios 44-2 onto there - which outside of an adapter I can do, no problems. But as my 1100D(Rebel T3) is a crop sensor I wanted to get an focal reducer to make the most of the lens but I am struggling to find one - I'm new to this sort of...
  4. R

    Camera Has Suddenly Stopped Triggering The Flash - any Ideas?

    Hi! My assistant was shooting with my Canon Eos 5MK3 using Godox Ad300s and Godox X1 T Transmitter, all working fine. The batteries went on the lights so I switched her to 2 bowens heads with newer transmitters and receivers, a set up we use a lot, I could dump the flashes but I couldn't get...
  5. N

    Canon EOS 3 - Aperture Problem

    Hey guys, new to here so this is my first post. I have a question regarding my Canon EOS 3 35mm film camera. I bought it recently (Without lens) and functionally it works great, no issue with the LCD panel and its in great condition. I ordered the 50mm Canon EF 1.8 lens from B&H and attached it...
  6. the voyager

    Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III vs EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II ?

    Is there a need to jump to the III?? I can read a million reviews but thought would be good to get some first hand views. Any make the jump and regret it? Or pat yourself on the back? Gracias.
  7. M

    Astro photography - how to focus on distant stars

    Hi, I've been photographing a while now and have been recently been interested in Astro photography. I have a Canon 650D(Rebel T4i), tripod, shutter release timer, and star tracker etc, I take long exposures of Orion’s Nebula etc and stack the images using Sequator - then process in Lightroom. My only...
  8. N

    Canon EOS M10 - Added a Vintage lens but it wont take a photo

    Hi, I have a Canon EOS M10. I bought an INDUSTAR-26m 2.8/52 Lens, an old soviet lens and have added it to my m10 via an adapter. it's completely manual. The problem it that when I press the shutter button the M10 won't take a picture. I'm not sure why this is, I think I need to change some...
  9. the voyager

    (another) NIKON vs CANON (but like no other)

    I know this has been asked more times than anything but... NIKON or/vs CANON. Maybe mixing subjective and objective views.... What are your experiences with both. I have used Nikon for 10 years now. Never owned a Canon. Perhaps it's in my mind but I seem to see that it's almost too easy to...
  10. A


    Hi. I have a Canon EOS 400D(Rebel XTi), with a Sigma DG zoom lens. The Sigma zooms from 70-300mm, has a macro function and an f-number of f5.6. Will a teleconverter work with this type of lens? If the answer is a straight "No", then I needn't enquire any further. If it's a "Yes", or a "Maybe", I would be...
  11. yoru1119

    Canon lens recommendation for amateur

    Hey guys, So I got my Canon 77D last year all thanks to the wonderful ppl here providing me valuable comments! I have the kit lens EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 and the wide angle EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 lens. Now I’m thinking of getting a prime lens and a macro (ish?) lens! The purpose of my macro...
  12. J

    Canon AE- 1 camera

    I purchased this old vintage film camera years ago and have had it packed away, recently unpacked it and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it? I'm not usually a film shooter, strictly digital but I also have a collection of old vintage Polaroid cameras still in working...
  13. K

    FD Lens for Jasper and Banff

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on which lens(es) I should take with me in May. I'm a beginner if that helps. I'd also like to have your input on the ISO of the film, aperature, and shutter speed when taking mountain pictures, pictures of lakes, etc.
  14. JSharm

    New to photography - would like advice on kit

    Hi everyone, first post! I’m fairly new to photography but I recently inherited a lot of photography equipment and I’m not sure what to do with it. I’ve been using a bridge camera for the last 3 months and will now be moving to DSLR, but I have absolutely no clue when it comes to various lenses...
  15. A

    Portraits: Larger Aperture or Longer Lens?

    Looking to purchase a new lens for portrait photography like these: LINKS REMOVED by MOD due to copyright infringement I've been using a 70-240mm f/4.5-5.6, which broke recently. For my next lens, should I prioritize a lower F-stop (50m f/1.8) or a longer lens (75-300mm f/4.5-5.6) to get the...
  16. P

    Speedlite not syncing with 35mm camera

    I have just bought a Canon Speedlite 199a to use with my Canon AE1 (35mm film camera). I've read several manuals and watched many online tutorials, and am unsure as to why my camera's light internal light meter is not synchronising with the flash as it is supposed to. For example, when I have...
  17. J


    Hey people!!, LOVE FROM GUATEMALA!! I'm really used to digital photograph I own a Canon 5D Mark IV, but recently i'm getting really into 35mm film photography, I really think is an awesome way to learn! I recently purchased a Canon a-1 with everything working awesome! but I have a question! Im...
  18. L

    Mitsuki 75-260mm Macro Pentax-K fit

    Hello there! New member here and I think I need some help. I have recently bought a Mitsuki 75-260mm Macro Pentax-K fit, which i intend to use on my Canon DSLR. I have looked around on the internet regarding the correct adapters for this purpose and I have seen some adapters that are PK...
  19. S

    Help please: camera wheel doesn't turn

    Hello people, So I've been doing analog photography for a couple of months now but I'm still a newbie - as you can see, I still struggle with the basics. I recently bought the Canon A1, I put the film inside, but when pulling for the next frame, the wheel didn't turn completely, or didn't turn...
  20. Dan Mitchell

    Dan from Wisbech

    Hello, all - I'm new here, but somewhat old at 76, with a long history in Photography from age 16 when bought my first camera, A Kodak folding 66. Now have a Pentax K20D with two Sigma zooms covering from 17mm to 300mm. Also use a Fuji X10 when need a less heavy camera, and for extreme...
  21. rob.tolley77

    Jasper, Leo & Toffee

    Been having a play with my Canon 10D and 55-200mm F3.5-5.6 lens. Jasper and Leo are my girlfriends two little dogs, Toffee is one of her two cats. So outside in the sun I thought I'd try and get a few images of them. Jasper is the brown and white Jack Russell and Leo is a Scottie/Chihuahua...
  22. A

    "Canon Chronicle" Magazine - Help me!

    Hi, First of all, I'm new here; I've created my account specifically so I could post this thread. My grandfather is a very successful photographer, having won around 300 prizes worldwide. With the years, he has accumulated piles and piles of catalogs, magazines, books, etc. While organizing...
  23. Georgedaulman

    Canon 24-105 or Canon 24-70

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a new lens (I currently have nothing wide), and torn between the 24-105 F4 or 24-70 F2.8 Mk1. I will be purchasing these second hand. They come in roughly at the same price, so unsure why the 24-70 isn't that much more for that extra stop of light. In an ideal...
  24. rob.tolley77

    Hello everyone...

    I'm Rob, from Worcestershire in the UK. I've done some motor sport photography in the past and plan to return to it this year. My first SLR was a Canon EOS 5 35mm back in 2008, before buying a pre-owned Nikon D80 in 2012. Sadly those have both gone and I'm now looking at a Nikon D3400 later...
  25. Clair Huntley

    Would like a 2nd hand Fish Eye lens for my Canon 6D

    Hi would anybody be able to recommend please, where I might be able to get 2nd hand Fish Eye lens please? I don't want to spend a lot, I just want to have one to play with. I love Portraits, but I do like to photograph other things too. I'd love a Lensbaby, but they are quite niche, and...
  26. S

    Minolta XG-A Adapter Troubles

    A lot of folks are trying to use their old Minolta lenses on their newer cameras, but I would like to use my newer lenses with my old Minolta. More specifically I want to put the lens that came with the Canon Rebel T3(1100 D) I have on the Minolta XG-A. Does anyone know what kind of an adapter I would...
  27. T

    Macro lens, full frame body…or both?

    Hi everyone. New here! So…I don’t have a full-frame camera. I’ve been using my Canon 700D(Rebel T5i) since 2013 and am looking to upgrade my photography to include macro – predominantly bees and butterflies in the field. I’ve seen brilliant reviews for the following: sigma 150mm f2.8 ex os dg macro...
  28. L

    Cheapest flash for canon 80D with functioning AF beam

    Hey all, I work in a nightclub and need a flash which has an AF assist which would work on an 80D, I have had 3 from Amazon which all work with my old 600D(Rebel T3i) but do not have the AF assist beam working on the 80D. I have the exact same settings and I have made sure to have the flash enabled within...
  29. A

    Problems with pictures taken on Canon AE-1

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to film photography! I've been playing around with a Canon AE-1 for a little while now and have recently developed a new batch of photos. The photos appear to have marks on them, but I can't work out what the problem is (I'm aware the photos are really bad...
  30. P

    Concert photography

    Hello, I am new when it's about photography but lately I've been really into concert photpgraphy but i don't really know what kind of lenses are the best for that. I've got Canon 70D with kit lens and Canon 24 mm. Which lenses are the best for that kind of photography ? I would like to buy...
  31. R

    Hello from Dover, UK

    Hi all, Thank you for allowing me to join the site, Im Ryan, 26, from Dover down in the south east of England. My collection currently consists of: Hasselblad 501c & CZ Planar 80mm F/2.8 Canon EOS 1 SLR & Canon 50mm F/1.8 mk1 Olympus OM1N MD & Zuiko 50mm F/1.4 Kodak Retina 1A (My late...
  32. A

    Fiddling around with Lightroom and a B-52 Engine

    Took a few photos from RIAT 2017 and got the Adobe CC suite soon after. Been learning Lightroom by myself and enjoy using Instagram to show-off my work. https://www.instagram.com/bromiley.photography/ - any criticisms will be appreciated ;) Here is one image of the USAF Boeing B-52...
  33. A

    Hi! New member from Buckinghamshire :)

    Hey! Think I created this account a while back but never actually posted. Well I'm here now ^-^ I'm Adam and I'm 16 and a self-taught photographer by binge-watching YouTube tutorials. I started photography March 2017 after my birthday and I'm absolutely loving it so far. Rocking a budget setup...
  34. A

    Yonguo 50mm Opinions

    Hey all! New to these forums :) I'm only 16 years old so my inflow of cash is limited to pot-washing at my local pub. Obviously that's an issue when buying new camera equipment. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 EF-S lens? I've found it going for half...
  35. I

    Broken AF assist beam

    Hey everyone. I have a Canon 480ex ii speedlight but a while back my beam meter (infrared piece) broke off of it and I lost the piece so now when I take photos on low light I can't focus on the subject. I'm thinking it's because I'm missing that piece. It's there any way I can find and replace...
  36. J

    Tamron lens with Canon EOS 500D(Rebel T1i)

    I have a Canon EOS 500D(Rebel T1i) camera which I’ve never been particularly happy with regards picture quality, it’s hardly been used since I bought my Lumix DMC fz200 bridge camera. I’m getting more and more into macro photography and would love a really good macro lens (probably Tamron) and thought I’d...
  37. Katieoneill.7

    CF cards

    Hi just wondering if anyone can help. Today I photographed an event using my 16gb CF card on a canon 40d and 5d mark iii. For the moajority of the time I used the 5d and i was able to see the images. However when I changed the CF card back to the 40 and I opened the gallery I could on see the...
  38. Cosycampbell

    DIY Lens cases

    Hi everybody. Came up with this idea the other day whilst carrying a couple of vintage prime lenses in my bag loose so I decided to make a quick video to share. (its been edited thanks to some feedback) I'm new to photography so my outlay and budget has been minimal so far but I've managed...
  39. C

    Which lens should I buy please??

    Hello everybody ! I'm new here, so I hope I am posting at the right place. I am looking for advice because I would like to get a wide angle lens for my friend's birthday and I'm not sure what to choose. So here is the situation: He's got a Canon EOS 1100D(Rebel T3), with a EFS 18-55mm lens for now. He...