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  1. G

    Rolleiflex 2.8 D weird artefacts from scanning (?)

    Hi there, a week ago I used an unexpired Delta 100 film with my Rolleiflex 2.8 D (taking lens coating is slightly damaged unfortunately). The processing and scan was done by lab X, standard quality scan (about 3MB per pic), all went good. Today I received back from lab Y the scans from an...
  2. R

    Dome safelight or red light bulb?

    Hi, I don't know much about film/developing, but want to buy a red light for someone's darkroom. My questions are: Is it better to get a dome lamp or a bulb for a current lamp? And do the bulbs need to be 15 Watts? (I already posted these questions at the bottom of my other thread but figured...
  3. T

    Developing Issues - HELP!

    Hey guys, I've been developing 35mm film for a little while in a Paterson tank or Labbox and not had any issues but I recently developed two rolls of 120 film (Ilford Delta 3200) from my Mamiya, and had some issues. Now the camera has never had issues in the past and handling/loading to the...
  4. L

    New to C-41 developing.. Advice please!

    With suddenly having a lot of time on my hands (stay safe everyone!) and being unable to go to my usual developers, I thought I'd have a go at developing my C-41 film myself. However I'm finding deciding what chemicals to use with what equipment very overwhelming! The two main chemical kits...
  5. the voyager

    35mm Barcelona Street Scene - 2004

    I shot this beauty in 2004 on my first ever camera, MINOLTA X300, not sure if this is the 35mm or 50mm lens... It's all a bit wonky but that was just my untrained eye back then. A nice innocence to it. It hit me so hard seeing this again, just brought back so many memories. I think it was so...
  6. J

    Centon cameras?

    I recently picked up a cheap 35mm SLR (£19 GBP) centon k100 camera in new condition. With a 50mm and 70mm-210mm zoom. From what I've gathered it's a Chinese made camera made for Jessops. Uses a Pentax K mount. I can't seem to find much else apart from the user manual. I wonder if anyone on here...
  7. J

    Minolta XD-7 Meter/Shutter Speed/Viewfinder issue

    Hello, I've just bought a Minolta XD7 seemingly in great condition, however it has one major fault: Light coming in through the viewfinder severely affects the shutter speed. i.e. when the viewfinder is covered (simply by holding the camera up to your eye), although metering correctly, the...
  8. M

    Can anyone tell me the model of this Zenza Bronica film camera?

    Hi, is anyone able to tell me the model of this Zenza Bronica film camera? I have had this in my possession for a while now, handed down from my Grandfather, but i can't seem to find this exact looking model online.
  9. E

    Instax square film alternative?

    Hey pals, I recently got myself the Fujifilm Instax SQ10 which requires the Instax Square film. Currently they're about between 0.85p - £1 per shot so I was just wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives to the original films? Seems like shops in the UK only stock 10x and 20x so it's...
  10. R

    How do I find a used film camera to buy

    Hello community, I hope this is the correct place to post, please correct me if I'm wrong. I've got some experience with digital photography (5 years with my 700D(Rebel T5i)), so I understand the basics and the results usually turn out pretty good. Last week I had the opportunity to take some pictures...
  11. J

    Canon AE- 1 camera

    I purchased this old vintage film camera years ago and have had it packed away, recently unpacked it and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it? I'm not usually a film shooter, strictly digital but I also have a collection of old vintage Polaroid cameras still in working...
  12. H

    Any funky film recommendations?

    hello all. Rediscovered my love for film recently but I’m not feeling too inspired by shooting on Kodak or Fuji. Was wondering if anyone has any cool funky films they like shooting on and where I can get them ? Have heard a lot about cinestill film, might order a roll off amazon. Not too...
  13. G

    Manual lens focusing problem

    I have an OM10 with a Zuiko 50mm 1.8(the lens is not in good condition, it has tons of fungus, its been disassembled, moving parts dont move smoothly, its beaten up) and it cant focus to infinity. When set to infinity at 1.8, it only focuses to about 3ft. Does anyone know if it might Also with...
  14. H

    Missing photos - Pentax ME Super

    Hello all. I’ve recently taken my Pentax ME Super abroad and shot a few Kodak 200 rolls, 36 exposures. When I’ve got them developed; I’ve only received back 20 or so photos, per roll. I found this strange. No idea why but I didn’t investigate and shot another full roll yesterday of 36...
  15. H

    ISO 160 shot at 200 - what happens?

    Hello all I went to buy a roll of kodak portra 800 today for a daylight shoot I had. They didn't have any, the only portra they had was 160. Not wanting to miss out shooting on Portra I just picked that up instead. As I go to load it into my camera I notice my camera ISO dial only has 100 or...
  16. H

    Help - Pentax ME Super Film Rewind

    Good morning all. I’ve had a nightmare with my Pentax this morning and I’m really panicking. I have a Pentax loaded with a 36 exposure film roll. I’m on 33 photos and decided I didn’t want anymore so I pressed the film release button on the bottom and began to rewind the film until the handle...
  17. K

    FD Lens for Jasper and Banff

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on which lens(es) I should take with me in May. I'm a beginner if that helps. I'd also like to have your input on the ISO of the film, aperature, and shutter speed when taking mountain pictures, pictures of lakes, etc.
  18. S

    Developer Dilutions

    I apologize if this has been asked before as I am new to this forum, but I’m in a bit of a pickle here. It’s my first time developing film in several years and I’m struggling with the dilution/developing time. I’m developing a roll of premium Arista 400 with the Ilford ID-11 developer. I watched...
  19. A

    35mm Negative Scan line grain

    Hi everyone I'm looking for some help with a scan I recently picked up. I'm using the Hp Scanjet g4010 to scan in 35mm negatives at 4800dpi and getting some strange grain patterns. I'm not sure if its to do with the film being out of date, the way it's been processed or the scanner itself...
  20. T

    Can I fix keychain camera?

    I dropped a Superheadz Ikimono 110 keychain camera and the sides that are supposed to go up broke off. Is it possible to fix? I know it's a toy camera, but I can't find this specific character anywhere else online so I want to try to save this.
  21. P

    Speedlite not syncing with 35mm camera

    I have just bought a Canon Speedlite 199a to use with my Canon AE1 (35mm film camera). I've read several manuals and watched many online tutorials, and am unsure as to why my camera's light internal light meter is not synchronising with the flash as it is supposed to. For example, when I have...
  22. E

    Photo speed mistake

    So I made a beginner’s mistake, but I AM a beginner. I loaded my Ilford 125 speed into my 35 mm camera and forgot to reset the ISO. So I shot 2 rolls of 125 film set at 400. HELP! No clue how to develop this, or even if I can. I’ve only been in this film class a month. Any advice would be...
  23. J


    Hey people!!, LOVE FROM GUATEMALA!! I'm really used to digital photograph I own a Canon 5D Mark IV, but recently i'm getting really into 35mm film photography, I really think is an awesome way to learn! I recently purchased a Canon a-1 with everything working awesome! but I have a question! Im...
  24. T

    Light meter for Chinon CM5 doesn't work

    I recently just purchased a Chinon CM5 and bought two A76 batteries for it. I tried putting the batteries in different ways but the LED next to the viewfinders don't light up. I'm not sure if this is because I got the wrong battery, I put it in wrong, or the light meter is just broken.
  25. S

    Help please: camera wheel doesn't turn

    Hello people, So I've been doing analog photography for a couple of months now but I'm still a newbie - as you can see, I still struggle with the basics. I recently bought the Canon A1, I put the film inside, but when pulling for the next frame, the wheel didn't turn completely, or didn't turn...
  26. L

    HELP - Konica Hexar AF [SOLVED]

    Hi! I need your help. I just got myself a Konica Hexar AF in tip top shape, but when i load a new film and turn on the camera it rewinds the film instead of loading it (its rewinded one roll into the canister already, so thats 36 shots wasted..) I pressed the rewind button before the roll (which...
  27. A

    Snappy Snaps Scanning

    I'm new to film photography and I've just finished my second 36-exp colour roll. I haven't the money or equipment right now to develop/scan the film myself so I'm going to rely on highstreet labs (though I've seen good reviews for PhotoExpress online). I'm planning on taking them to my local...
  28. REMF33

    CANON FD 35-105mm f3.5 rookie question

    Hello. Does anyone have this lens? I have just bought it off eBay for my Canon AE1-Program, and I am a bit confused by the Macro function. i.e. I don't really know how to use it. There is a little button to flip but it won't stay in place. Have I been conned? (It's supposed to be in near perfect...
  29. F

    HELP!! Impossible film in OneStep closeup not developing

    Just got my first instant camera in the mail today- a Polaroid OneStep closeup. Seller indicated no problems and that it worked great and also sent a few packs of Impossible PX 680 color shade film in "First Flush". Took a few shots and they all turned out like this, even after I waited for...
  30. jrawpkicc


    Hi I'm just starting to mess around with my dads old canon rebel xsn. I know that it has an EF mount for the lens, but I was wondering which lenses I should be looking for to help with portrait photography. I've taken a few that turned out alright, but they were with the stock zoom lens, I was...
  31. A

    Problems with pictures taken on Canon AE-1

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to film photography! I've been playing around with a Canon AE-1 for a little while now and have recently developed a new batch of photos. The photos appear to have marks on them, but I can't work out what the problem is (I'm aware the photos are really bad...
  32. Simon James

    Black blotch on the side of some film photos.

    I have just developed a first reel of film of 36 photos. I used 400 ASA film. Some but not all, of the photos have a distinct black blotch on the left side of the photos. Does anyone know what could be the cause? Why do some photos have it and others don't. I am using a 55 mm lens capable of...
  33. Bruce Wolfe

    White spots on negitive

    Greetings all. I'm getting backing into film developing after a long time and have a question. My negatives are covered in white spots. My film is Ilford PANF+ 50 and my developer is Ilford Perceptol. I am scanning the negatives into digital. I'm using tap water to rinse between the developer...
  34. K

    Pushing Film

    Say if I were to push 100 to 400 what actually happens to the film? I understand that this will allow me to shoot things at 400iso which means that the image will be slightly more grainy. But what is the difference between pushing 100 to 400 over just shooting straight onto film which is meant...
  35. Knuxxed

    Upgrade advice...

    I have had my Canon EOS 100D(Rebel SL1) for a solid 3-4 years and I'm considering upgrading. My main use for it recently has become video and the quality does lack in key areas. I was looking at the Sony A7S but apparently the quality of low light video isn't great, I don't wan't to rush into any decisions...
  36. M

    Film Camera Collecting

    Over the years i have amassed a large collection of film cameras, nearly all of which have been and still are on occasion used. My Collection consists of what i would term as "user" cameras rather than the mint dont leave finger prints on my baby type because i believe that a thing should serve...
  37. Mike South

    Kodak No 2 Folding Brownie (Model A) circa 1905

    Hello everyone. This serves as my introductory post as a new member, so hello! I'm relatively new to photography, having moved from a phone camera to a DSLR just a few months ago. I spend a lot of my time around historical reenactors, which leads me into the main purpose of this post. I'm very...
  38. Coffee Jester

    Working on KODACHROME 64 recreation

    Hey folks. I've been working on creating a way to process my digital photos to emulate (as accurately as possible) the look of Kodachrome 64 film. So far I haven't come across any presets online that resemble Kodachrome much at all (even though they claim to) so I set out to pull it off myself...