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  1. leotimoney

    Fujifilm Klasse Shutter Broken

    Hi, I have a Fujifilm Klasse 35mm point and shoot but the shutter will only open fully when aperture is set to f/2.6. As I change the aperture up the size the shutter gradually decreases e.g. when set to f/16 (the biggest on the camera) the shutter barely opens. When I first got the camera the...
  2. Dave X

    Just Sharing Into the Light

    I took this with the X-H1 + XF80mm f2.8 a few days ago, lovely blue sky but edited it to B&W. Into the Light by Dave, on Flickr
  3. Dan Mitchell

    Dan from Wisbech

    Hello, all - I'm new here, but somewhat old at 76, with a long history in Photography from age 16 when bought my first camera, A Kodak folding 66. Now have a Pentax K20D with two Sigma zooms covering from 17mm to 300mm. Also use a Fuji X10 when need a less heavy camera, and for extreme...
  4. Carmen

    Wanted Fuji X lenses

    Having just sold my DSLR (I'm now a CSC only tog) I'm looking to expand my Fuji system - money waiting (for one or two lenses) Particularly interested in the following: Fuji XF 23mm F1.4 Fuji 10-24 OIS, Fuji 55mm prime What have you got?
  5. Carmen

    Bit of a scare with the Fuji

    So on Saturday I took my X-T20 to Bletchley Park. I didn't take many pics but towards the end of the day I managed to drop the camera with 18-55mm from my bag to a tarmac floor. Panic! It looked ok no really obvious damage and seemed to function OK as I took a few shots afterwards. Once in the...
  6. Carmen

    Probably going Fuji...

    Morning all. LONG absence for me. Mostly because I pretty much lost all interest in photography. Can't say even now that I'm getting my mojo back but I'm about to make a big change which may help. I've decided I'm going to dump all my Nikon FX kit over the next couple of months and downsize to...
  7. seanazz

    Level 5 - The Elder tree

    Level 5 - the Elder tree. ( Daft title, but I love the stillness that this forecourt has, early morning. I used Velvia to add a slight unreal look to a quiet scene.) Also, I know that there isn't a 'Point of interest', but the light replaces that. Too much thinking :) X-T1 - 12mm
  8. seanazz

    Road map

    Road map. Candid portrait taken during a day out in Eastbourne.
  9. Activ8

    R.N.L.B Elizabeth Rippon Lifeboat

    Another picture of this fine old lady who seems to be just lying on the sand in Barmouth harbour. Until recently she was afloat in the bay close to the railway bridge. I think she is privately owned now but not seen her sale in the past 4 years. She was in service in St Helier from 1948-1975 so...