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  1. R

    Can Fujifilm Finepix S9600 support infrared lens?

    I have s9600 and I'd like to try infrared photography if it's possible. I am interested enough to invest in a quality lens, but not so much to buy another camera :) Is it worth it, are there any examples of how this camera performs in infrared?
  2. leotimoney

    Fujifilm Klasse Shutter Broken

    Hi, I have a Fujifilm Klasse 35mm point and shoot but the shutter will only open fully when aperture is set to f/2.6. As I change the aperture up the size the shutter gradually decreases e.g. when set to f/16 (the biggest on the camera) the shutter barely opens. When I first got the camera the...
  3. BradleyStearn

    Toshiba 316 flash - Advice needed

    I recently received this Toshiba 316 flash from a relative. I've been testing it this evening and have a question regarding controlling the intensity of the flash. I've tested it both on my digital and 35mm film camera. Both cameras (Fuji X100f and Leica CL) trigger the flash without any issues...
  4. E

    Instax square film alternative?

    Hey pals, I recently got myself the Fujifilm Instax SQ10 which requires the Instax Square film. Currently they're about between 0.85p - £1 per shot so I was just wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives to the original films? Seems like shops in the UK only stock 10x and 20x so it's...
  5. R

    Hello from Dover, UK

    Hi all, Thank you for allowing me to join the site, Im Ryan, 26, from Dover down in the south east of England. My collection currently consists of: Hasselblad 501c & CZ Planar 80mm F/2.8 Canon EOS 1 SLR & Canon 50mm F/1.8 mk1 Olympus OM1N MD & Zuiko 50mm F/1.4 Kodak Retina 1A (My late...
  6. D

    Please suggest me the best Mirrorless Camera

    Hi im planning to buy a mirrorless camera to replace my current DSLR camera .. im looking for the best one that can be used to take portrait picture and scenery... my current DSLR is actually good but its so heavy!! and now i want something that is light, touchscreen, wifi and price is not a...
  7. Stemmy

    Fujifilm X-Pro2 release moved to early March

    Last month, Fujifilm unveiled the X-Pro2 mirrorless camera with a February 18 release date. Per a statement (in Japanese) issued on Friday, the camera maker has postponed the release until early March due to an unspecified production delay and higher than anticipated global orders. The...
  8. S

    Canon 7D vs Fujifilm X-T10

    Hey guys, So I know the Canon 7D and Fujifilm X-T10 are far from similar, but I'm undecided between them for a few reasons. I currently own a Canon 7D and I love it to pieces, however I'm also an avid photographer and I cannot handle the fact that I can't always take it everywhere I go because...