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  1. L

    Help! Unsure of issue with developed film

    Hi all! I've just had a roll of film developed and the poor lab only managed to get 7 photos (if you can even call them that, sadly) from it, and they are horrific. All foggy/ major ?? light leaks. The 7 they got are not sequential either. Camera is Olympus OM10 and I was using an in date...
  2. C

    Advice needed for taking photos of glass bottles

    Hi everyone, I'm new! I occasionally take photos with a film camera but that's not why I'm here today. My mother and I own an extensive collection of miniature glass perfume bottles and we would like to start cataloguing them by taking photos. Important aspects of these photos would be...
  3. A

    1951 Belca Beltica viewfinder problem

    Hello everyone! I just got this beautiful Belca Beltica I (1951) from my grandpa! Everything seems to be working alright, except the viewfinder. It's incredibly cloudy and dirty and I don't see any way I could use it to focus. If anyone has any advice I would be grateful! (the second picture...
  4. F

    Olympus OM-1N Rewind shaft fell in - help?

    Hi all! I've had my Olympus OM-1N for over a year and I enjoy taking pictures with it a lot. I've been dumb enough to turn the rewind crank the wrong way a few times before which causes it to fall off (yes I know, shame on me, I found out today that there is an arrow on the crank to point me in...
  5. C

    Just dropped my camera for the first time. Is it okay?

    Topic. I was outside taking some picture of the moon and when I walked into the house, the part of the tripod you screw the camera onto completely fell off the tripod and my camera with the lens still attached went crashing down onto the tile floor. Thankfully I was quick enough to reach my leg...
  6. J

    Manual 1970's Miranda - photos VERY blurry. Help please!

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to film photography. I have a 1970's Miranda camera which has produced some lovely images in the past, however this last roll of film has been a disaster and I can't fathom what I did wrong. Some photos turned out perfectly and others are unbelievably blurry and have...
  7. J

    Centon cameras?

    I recently picked up a cheap 35mm SLR (£19 GBP) centon k100 camera in new condition. With a 50mm and 70mm-210mm zoom. From what I've gathered it's a Chinese made camera made for Jessops. Uses a Pentax K mount. I can't seem to find much else apart from the user manual. I wonder if anyone on here...
  8. J

    Minolta XD-7 Meter/Shutter Speed/Viewfinder issue

    Hello, I've just bought a Minolta XD7 seemingly in great condition, however it has one major fault: Light coming in through the viewfinder severely affects the shutter speed. i.e. when the viewfinder is covered (simply by holding the camera up to your eye), although metering correctly, the...
  9. T

    Sony SLT-A58 best lens for component photography.

    Hi All I have a Sony SLT-A58 camera and just wanted to know the best settings for shooting sharp product photos that are in focus. What is a good lens that will give me best focus in a depth of field no more than 200mm. What is best shutter speed, ISO and f-stop (aperture). I’m using a light...
  10. C

    Trouble with using multiple flashes. PLEASE help!

    Hi everyone. So I finally decided to take my photography to the next level by upgrading to really good equipment. I’m practicing my heart out because I would love to get into real estate photography soon. However I am having SO much trouble figuring out this light stuff. Very briefly I had both...
  11. S

    More info about developing C-41 (calling experienced people)

    About a year ago I started developing BW film and about two or three months ago I moved to color film. I bought a kit and now I develop my own film Somebody gave me a bottle of Kodak Flexicolor developer starter (cis 292) My question is, if I don't have a mini lab can i still use this developer...
  12. Caseyalixandra

    Help, newbie

    I'm in need of some help, I'm new to film and have a Canon A1. All of my film came out super dark, blurred, and some light leaked in. Maybe because it was my first shoot, but if any of have the time I'd love to hear some advice! I thought i had it down... but this is very abnormal. Thank you - casey
  13. S

    Sony A7III Shutter Issues

    Hey Guys, It hasn't been too long I've had my Sony a7iii (About 5 Months), and yesterday I was shooting in this place with white lighting, don't think should've been a problem... Suddenly I experience a weird effect happen with my pictures when focusing and clicking on the shutter. I guess it's...
  14. H

    Help - Pentax ME Super Film Rewind

    Good morning all. I’ve had a nightmare with my Pentax this morning and I’m really panicking. I have a Pentax loaded with a 36 exposure film roll. I’m on 33 photos and decided I didn’t want anymore so I pressed the film release button on the bottom and began to rewind the film until the handle...
  15. W

    Help! - Fomei Digital Pro 700

    My Fomei Digital Pro 700 fell and broke down (it's not only a metter of light bulb). I took the lamp into pieces. Everything looks fine except the transformer, which dropped out. I would like to change the transformer for a new one, but I can't find any information about it's parameters. The...
  16. mattie91

    truely unique question ....what camera ?!

    hi there humour me please ! I'm looking to buy my first DSLR camera the main point of getting a decent camera is to take photos of my daughter riding her pony at competitions and at home, she's lucky enough to have a couple of sponsors so getting crisp clear high quality photos will be great...
  17. E

    Photo speed mistake

    So I made a beginner’s mistake, but I AM a beginner. I loaded my Ilford 125 speed into my 35 mm camera and forgot to reset the ISO. So I shot 2 rolls of 125 film set at 400. HELP! No clue how to develop this, or even if I can. I’ve only been in this film class a month. Any advice would be...
  18. Julianfer5

    Lens Help please?

    So I am an avid aeroplane spotter and have always used my default 18-105mm lens with my Nikon D3200, For long range pics at the airport though with distances in excess of 3km the digital cropping is not enough. I am trying to buy a lens but I am not really sure what to expect or how they...
  19. L

    HELP - Konica Hexar AF [SOLVED]

    Hi! I need your help. I just got myself a Konica Hexar AF in tip top shape, but when i load a new film and turn on the camera it rewinds the film instead of loading it (its rewinded one roll into the canister already, so thats 36 shots wasted..) I pressed the rewind button before the roll (which...
  20. C

    Lens help!

    Hi everyone! I have a Sony A6000 camera and want to buy a telephoto lens for it! I have looked at the Sony one but have also been looking at other options using adaptors etc. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some advice on this as I am pretty clueless! Thanks!
  21. Rob Hudson

    Please help! Or God help me, I'm going to kill WordPress...

    Hey everyone, So after toying around with WordPress, I realised I wanted to start over as I'd changed a few things on the theme which I could not undo. So I downloaded a plug-in to do just that. But I lost EVERYTHING! All I wanted was to restart the theme in it's original format and re-upload...
  22. M

    Struggling to grasp the exposure triangle

    Hi everyone! I’m excited to be a member of this forum! I only just started taking pictures last week. I’ve never had a camera before and I just got my first DSLR, a Nikon D3400. So far I’ve just been shooting in auto mode, and playing with the aperture priority and shutter speed priority...
  23. Chris Sharples

    What filter/s should I use on my lens?

    Hi, I'm a beginner to photography, and a bit confused on what kind of filter/s I should use for my lens. My first lens came with a UV filter, but I have since purchased two more lenses all with different thread sizes. I own a Canon EF f/4L (77mm), Canon EF f/4-5.6 IS USM (58mm), and Tamron SP...
  24. F

    HELP!! Impossible film in OneStep closeup not developing

    Just got my first instant camera in the mail today- a Polaroid OneStep closeup. Seller indicated no problems and that it worked great and also sent a few packs of Impossible PX 680 color shade film in "First Flush". Took a few shots and they all turned out like this, even after I waited for...
  25. L

    Cheapest flash for canon 80D with functioning AF beam

    Hey all, I work in a nightclub and need a flash which has an AF assist which would work on an 80D, I have had 3 from Amazon which all work with my old 600D(Rebel T3i) but do not have the AF assist beam working on the 80D. I have the exact same settings and I have made sure to have the flash enabled within...
  26. G

    Please help id process used

    Hi - am looking for help identifying the process used for the following image of Teddy Roosevelt by Walter Shinn. The image is from 1917 - so trying to figure if era produced or later and how it was developed. Thanks Guy
  27. Simon James

    Black blotch on the side of some film photos.

    I have just developed a first reel of film of 36 photos. I used 400 ASA film. Some but not all, of the photos have a distinct black blotch on the left side of the photos. Does anyone know what could be the cause? Why do some photos have it and others don't. I am using a 55 mm lens capable of...
  28. -Ky

    Lens buying advice? :)

    Okay so I have a Nikon D5600 currently with 18-55mm kit lens, I'm looking to buy a new lens and I have narrowed it down to either a second hand Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D prime Lens, or a Nikon Nikkor AF 70-300mm f 4-5.6 zoom Lens. I want to eventually get both however I'm broke af at the...
  29. Nick Martin

    My Question About ND Filters (What I Should Buy)

    Hello I am rather new to photography i shoot mostly nature and do long exposures of waterfalls and lakes. I recently upgraded to a better kit lens Sigma 18-250mm and I usually shoot at the wide 18mm. I also used a variable ND filter, however I am looking to buy a rather cheap ND filter...
  30. DaddyG

    Nikon DX AF-S 35mm f/1.8G Lens choice

    I am very nearly decided on my zoom lens and it looks like I will have some money for this Prime lens, have never tried this type of lens before so I hope this will be a good starter lens to try when out and about generally. I hope I am right when I say it will give me a shallow dof (blurred...
  31. L

    How can I photograph a large piece of glazed art.

    HELLO Can someone please advise me. I have made a very large piece of London art. It is made up of several small images. I have painstakingly made this. It is float mounted and glazed. Now the huge problem of photographing it. I tried today with a tripod and autofocus. That was awful. A...
  32. J

    Aspiring photographer NEED ADVICE!!!!

    Hi I really want to start photography and even plan to get a Nikon d3300 sometime this week. However, I am rethinking my decision. Like I said, I really want to start photography but I'm afraid I will lose interest because of having no friends that like to explore or take photos like me. i...
  33. powerk25

    Can you help me?

    So Im new to this site so I apologize in advance if this is not in the right place. I was hoping someone could help me identify the photographer who made this picture, I tried doing my research but couldn't find anything
  34. Michael Sweeney

    Have Any Photography Equipment Problems?

    Hey, I'm doing my final year project for Product Design and Technology in University and I'm hoping to do it about photography equipment. I'm very interested in photography especially landscape and nature photography. I have a Canon 700D(Rebel T5i) and a Nikon Bridge camera. To begin this project I have to...
  35. Wallflower

    Meter stuck on overexposed? Help!

    I'm a but of a noob to cameras but I'm a bit stuck on this problem. For some reason on my Lumix GX8 on aperture or shutter priority mode the meter is constantly stuck on +1 3/4 and I can't change it. Point it at the sun it's at +1 3/4, put the lens cap on it's + 1 3/4. Change the aperture...
  36. Stealth_303

    Hello - Lens help needed

    Hello, I have an 1100D(Rebel T3), I've done alright with the kit lens and so bought a 50mm Zeiss Jena (wooohoo) I love the Jena lens, it's great, it came converted already and just slots on and works no problem. Since then I bought a : INDUSTAR-69 2.8/28 Russian Wide Angle Pancake Lens M39 MMZ-LOMO 7...
  37. J

    Anyone from New York? I need a massive favour!?

    Hi all, Firstly, my name is Jamie, I'm from Leicester in the UK and I know next to nothing about photography. My reason for joining the forum: I'm looking for someone who lives in New York who would be willing to arrange to take some photos for me. I'm taking my girlfriend of nearly 8...
  38. K

    Polaroid land camera 1000 help needed

    Hi, I just started taking pictures with this camera because I like the vintage effect. But somehow I can't seem to figure out how to take pictures that aren't or too light, or to dark. Can someone help me? My camera and my results below:
  39. D

    New Photobooth Help!!

    I have a event coming up and i had the idea for a photo booth I have camera, tripod, backdrop and then my props are on there way. It will be a pay per session booth as I'm not being paid to be there but I cant be printing there So whats the best way to get the pics to people ; do i send them...
  40. Chipyluna


    Afternoon all, Ok, so I am helping a friend out in need, next week. His sister is getting married and desperately needs a photographer. She has been made aware that I am a hobbyist and nothing more. I have done a wedding before, a couple of years ago, it was fine for what it was, nothing...