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long exposure

  1. BradleyStearn

    Astrophotography on 35mm film

    I've been experimenting with some astrophotography on my digital rangefinder over the past couple of weeks, and have decided it would be time well spent experimenting with using 135 film too. I'm interested in hearing a variety of opinions on using black and white film for astro photography. I...
  2. Venkat R Pandey

    Full Critique Night glimpses of Warsaw and Krakow

    Hi All, sharing some pictures taken at Warsaw and Krakow during last Easters. Please let me know with your thoughts. feel free to edit. Thanks.!
  3. Illuminous Image

    Ice and Fire. Alaska Sunset.

    This time I decided to create something new and I used Photoshop to create Tilt-Shift effect to this photo with iceberg which I shot in Alaska this May.
  4. DBetHig

    Full Critique Black & White Coast

    Practising my composition on the coast. Converted to B&W as the colours weren't adding anything and I think the contrast works better for the long exposure. (Also the colours were a bit funky as my cheap ND filters give such a blue/grey cast) Not totally sure about this one, but would...
  5. DBetHig

    Full Critique Sheppey sunrise long exposures

    Spent a couple of days on the Isle of Sheppey this week. Been trying to hone my composition and editing as I have a tendency to over edit. Also a fan on long exposure water as you may have guessed. (The ocean colours look a tad odd in this lower-res version)
  6. DBetHig

    Full Critique Dorset Coast - July '18

    Had a jaunt down to the Dorset coast. Wasn't all too lucky with the weather, the week I chose the clouds rolled in unfortunately, so the sunrises were a total flop. Any and all critique highly welcomed. Sunset near West Bay Sunset near West Bay Hamworthy Park near Poole struggling to find...
  7. J

    Long and multiple exposures

    I am considering the purchase of one of the three following cameras: Sony a6000, Panasonic Lumix LX100 or the Fujifilm X-T20. I would like to be able to do long exposure (15sec to 5min) as well as multiple exposures (5-50exp) because I did them with my manual 35mm camera 25-30yrs ago. Any of...
  8. maxcompose


    Nightfall in Phuket Kalim Bay.
  9. Stephen F

    Go Easy On Me Bow fiddle rock

    Not been around for quite a while dew to ill health but on the mend now , managing to get a few more hours at the computer so have been re doing some older images to get me back into the swing. I know a lot on here know exactly where this is as they have been there but this is my interpretation...
  10. Lumixman

    Long exposure viewfinder question

    I have noticed numerous comments about blocking the viewfinder to prevent stray light affecting a photo especially with long exposure. My camera is mirrorless and has an LCD viewfinder (and an articulated screen), so is it safe to assume stray light is not a problem. I have used the finder...
  11. Selwick bay long exp

    Selwick bay long exp