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medium format

  1. SFTphotography

    More recent Glencoe and Rannoch Moor

    _IMG0207 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0219 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0232 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0237 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  2. SFTphotography

    An assortment of dawn shots from the Kelpies

    Round the back IMGP0280 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Side on angle IMGP0287 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Another head _IMG0405 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Another side on IMGP0374 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Another head 2 _IMG0409 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  3. SFTphotography

    That mountain in Glencoe

    _IMG0046 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0059 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0137 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0183 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr All entirely predictable but also an an entirely wonderful place to be
  4. B

    Issues with Kiev 6C Medium Format Camera (Overlapping frames)

    Hello! First time poster, I really appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction. A couple months ago, I purchased a Kiev 6C (also known as the 6S) camera from Russia. (It's very similar to the Kiev 60, with some minor differences.) The camera is in really good condition, sans one...
  5. M

    RZ67 waist level finder, impossible to find!

    Hey all, I've been searching all of my local film and camera groups for a reasonably priced ($150-$175) waist lever finder but they seem to not exist. Ebay only has two from what I can find and all my searching on B&H, Used photo pro, Adorama etc has been unsuccessful. What gives?
  6. N

    Comprehensive List to Develop Medium Format Film (= same as 35mm too?)

    Hi there! - Please can somebody give me a comprehensive list for what l need to develop medium format film? And maybe also an algorithm. I just want something basic, straightforward. I have searched everywhere, and all l'm seeing is videos of heavily made up people and pounding beats and...
  7. T

    Bronica ETRS blank frames issue... HELP!

    Hi Guys, first post I've made in the Forum here. :) just looking for some help. I recently purchased a Bronica ETRS which is great, although I got my first roll of film back from the lab and there were only 10 images instead of the expected 15 hmmmm. my initial reaction was that the lab had...
  8. P

    Medium Format Film Cameras

    Hello everyone Can you recommend me a good medium format film camera that's not very expensive? I like mechanical cameras that work without battery except metering. I prefer to have metering but its not essential. Looks like Yashica Mat 124 is a good option but is there anything else? I shoot...