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rattray head lighthouse

  1. SFTphotography

    The Lighthouse at Rattray Head

    I've made a New Years Resolution which I seldom do. This years NYR is to sort out my image library and back up my images in folder'd format on an external drive. I do not use Lightroom but Aperture 3 since get a Mac Pro in 2012. I never made the switch as Aperture made it so easy to manage files...
  2. SFTphotography

    Sunset at Rattray Head Lighthouse

    Took a wee trip to my favourite lighthouse up in Aberdeenshire last Wednesday. The forecast was promising. Light wise the trip certainly delivered but the waves didn't break around the lighthouse which was a shame. It must be due to the tides as often they do and it's also not home to dozens of...
  3. SFTphotography

    Sunset at Rattray Head

    Becoming a bit of a tripod hole for me this place. But I love going there and with my best friend living relatively close by I just cannot stop myself. These are pretty similar to my first visit but using my new D810 and 70-200F4 the detail in them is a fair bit better. Not that you can tell at...
  4. SFTphotography

    Rattray head Lighthouse last Monday

    Went up here last Monday in the search of golden light but dramatic waves. Got neither but it was an interesting, but cold afternoon up there. 4x3 _DSC0236 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr 5x4 _DSC0303 (1) by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  5. SFTphotography

    To the left, to the right or in the middle...Rattray Head

    Was back in the area a month back visiting my best mate and thought I'd have another run at Rattray head. It was a windier day so I was delighted to get some more movement in the sea but it was quite overcast. I prefer nice warm light in my images, this really has none of it. Not sure if they...
  6. SFTphotography

    Rattray Head Lighthouse: Sunset and dusk

    I cannot stop finding images on the card that I just have to process. Both cropped 4x3 and one taken just at sunset and one not long after. I quite like the central framing on these, I have others on a previous thread set off the center _DSC9396 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC9404 (2) by...
  7. SFTphotography

    Rattray Head Lighthouse

    A close friend of mine has moved to Aberdeen to take a masters degree in IT so I go up that way to visit him from time to time. This gives me a rare chance to do a photo outing in a part of Scotland I would probably never visit. The last time I saw him I decided to visit Bow Fiddle Rock before...