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  1. N

    Lucky find of Darkroom Gear on freecycle.

    A lucky find on Freecycle....click the link to see it on my Tumblr blog.. Freecycle darkroom equipment find. nictu.
  2. P

    Experimenting with vintage lenses

    Hi everybody! I am interested in experimenting with vintage lenses. My goal is to make them some changes in order to change the appearance of the photos and to have original effects.. I recently saw some videos about how to made them modifications but most of the videos are focuses in two lenses...
  3. C

    Help mounting vintage lens to DLSR

    Hey guys! So I have a Canon EOS 1100D(Rebel T3) and was looking to mount a Helios 44-2 onto there - which outside of an adapter I can do, no problems. But as my 1100D(Rebel T3) is a crop sensor I wanted to get an focal reducer to make the most of the lens but I am struggling to find one - I'm new to this sort of...
  4. B

    Issues with Kiev 6C Medium Format Camera (Overlapping frames)

    Hello! First time poster, I really appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction. A couple months ago, I purchased a Kiev 6C (also known as the 6S) camera from Russia. (It's very similar to the Kiev 60, with some minor differences.) The camera is in really good condition, sans one...
  5. N

    Canon EOS M10 - Added a Vintage lens but it wont take a photo

    Hi, I have a Canon EOS M10. I bought an INDUSTAR-26m 2.8/52 Lens, an old soviet lens and have added it to my m10 via an adapter. it's completely manual. The problem it that when I press the shutter button the M10 won't take a picture. I'm not sure why this is, I think I need to change some...
  6. J

    Centon cameras?

    I recently picked up a cheap 35mm SLR (£19 GBP) centon k100 camera in new condition. With a 50mm and 70mm-210mm zoom. From what I've gathered it's a Chinese made camera made for Jessops. Uses a Pentax K mount. I can't seem to find much else apart from the user manual. I wonder if anyone on here...
  7. J

    Canon AE- 1 camera

    I purchased this old vintage film camera years ago and have had it packed away, recently unpacked it and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it? I'm not usually a film shooter, strictly digital but I also have a collection of old vintage Polaroid cameras still in working...
  8. G

    Manual lens focusing problem

    I have an OM10 with a Zuiko 50mm 1.8(the lens is not in good condition, it has tons of fungus, its been disassembled, moving parts dont move smoothly, its beaten up) and it cant focus to infinity. When set to infinity at 1.8, it only focuses to about 3ft. Does anyone know if it might Also with...
  9. H

    ISO 160 shot at 200 - what happens?

    Hello all I went to buy a roll of kodak portra 800 today for a daylight shoot I had. They didn't have any, the only portra they had was 160. Not wanting to miss out shooting on Portra I just picked that up instead. As I go to load it into my camera I notice my camera ISO dial only has 100 or...
  10. J


    Hey people!!, LOVE FROM GUATEMALA!! I'm really used to digital photograph I own a Canon 5D Mark IV, but recently i'm getting really into 35mm film photography, I really think is an awesome way to learn! I recently purchased a Canon a-1 with everything working awesome! but I have a question! Im...
  11. H

    Repairing the warping in a Bakelite camera

    I've just come into possession of a 1930/1940 Coronet Club camera. It's the model with the black body, and metal top and bottom. After de-rusting the mechanisms and spool with some WD-40, it appears to work almost perfectly, but in the manuals it's shown that the front extrusion containing the...
  12. A

    "Canon Chronicle" Magazine - Help me!

    Hi, First of all, I'm new here; I've created my account specifically so I could post this thread. My grandfather is a very successful photographer, having won around 300 prizes worldwide. With the years, he has accumulated piles and piles of catalogs, magazines, books, etc. While organizing...
  13. REMF33

    CANON FD 35-105mm f3.5 rookie question

    Hello. Does anyone have this lens? I have just bought it off eBay for my Canon AE1-Program, and I am a bit confused by the Macro function. i.e. I don't really know how to use it. There is a little button to flip but it won't stay in place. Have I been conned? (It's supposed to be in near perfect...
  14. Simon James

    Black blotch on the side of some film photos.

    I have just developed a first reel of film of 36 photos. I used 400 ASA film. Some but not all, of the photos have a distinct black blotch on the left side of the photos. Does anyone know what could be the cause? Why do some photos have it and others don't. I am using a 55 mm lens capable of...
  15. C

    HELP PLEASE - What is this Antique Camera?

    Hi all, I've been searching through my grandparents barn and found a couple of antique cameras that have now given to me. I've been able to identify two, however this one I'm not so sure about? If anyone knows what this is, please be kind enough to help me out? Many Thanks
  16. A


    Please help me to identify what type of photo this is. The photo resembles a tintype but it is not metal. It appears to have some sort of coating that is metal like. I cant find info on it anywhere please help.
  17. Cosycampbell

    DIY Lens cases

    Hi everybody. Came up with this idea the other day whilst carrying a couple of vintage prime lenses in my bag loose so I decided to make a quick video to share. (its been edited thanks to some feedback) I'm new to photography so my outlay and budget has been minimal so far but I've managed...
  18. Lunatuna

    Gap Between Lens and M42 Mount

    So I have a 28 mm Sears vintage lens screwed into an m42 mount on my t5i. However, the aperture ring features a small silver stick coming out of the back of the lens (sorry I don't know what to call it). It still takes photos clear and everything. I can move the aperture ring it's just a...
  19. M

    Film Camera Collecting

    Over the years i have amassed a large collection of film cameras, nearly all of which have been and still are on occasion used. My Collection consists of what i would term as "user" cameras rather than the mint dont leave finger prints on my baby type because i believe that a thing should serve...
  20. TeslaK20

    Goldy Box Camera from 1950 - What now?

    A while ago, I acquired a 6x9 Goldy Box produced by the Goldstein company in France circa 1950. I am not in any way a professional photographer, and have never really used a film camera. Today, however, I decided to load in some compatible 120 film and take a few photos for the first time. I...
  21. T

    Which vintage camera should I buy?

    Hi all, I am thinking about buying a vintage camera. I've narrowed it down to the either a Polaroid SX-70 or a Pentax K1000. I could also be swayed by a Canon AE-1 or a Nikon F2/F3... Any tips/advice you could give would be gratefully received!
  22. Mike South

    Kodak No 2 Folding Brownie (Model A) circa 1905

    Hello everyone. This serves as my introductory post as a new member, so hello! I'm relatively new to photography, having moved from a phone camera to a DSLR just a few months ago. I spend a lot of my time around historical reenactors, which leads me into the main purpose of this post. I'm very...
  23. K

    Polaroid land camera 1000 help needed

    Hi, I just started taking pictures with this camera because I like the vintage effect. But somehow I can't seem to figure out how to take pictures that aren't or too light, or to dark. Can someone help me? My camera and my results below:
  24. CharliePower

    Help needed, camera identification leitz

    hi I've got this camera and know nothing about it at all. Does anyone know what it is, what it does and roughly what it's worth.