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  1. L

    Selling Photos on your website

    Hello, I am a web designer, I have done tons of websites for photographers but NONE that required selling images online. Other than SMUGMUG which my client DOES NOT WANT, do any of you have a service or a site that SELLS photos online and who do you use? In my experience with Wordpress...
  2. Rob Hudson

    Please help! Or God help me, I'm going to kill WordPress...

    Hey everyone, So after toying around with WordPress, I realised I wanted to start over as I'd changed a few things on the theme which I could not undo. So I downloaded a plug-in to do just that. But I lost EVERYTHING! All I wanted was to restart the theme in it's original format and re-upload...
  3. Rob Hudson

    WordPress Themes

    Hey everyone, So I'm starting to build my website using WordPress. I know nothing about codes and often struggle with half the terminology too. I'm starting to realise that if I want a really decent theme I will have to pay a premium. That's OK if it's worth it! What I'm looking for is: -...