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2nd Heart Attack.


Active Member
My wife (Marlene) had a serious heart attack back in 2013 and had have an Air Ambulance to fly her to hospital in order to give the surgeons time to save her life. She has been quite well and happy since - Until this week end!
We had to call for an ambulance in the early hours of last Sunday at at 3 in the morning as Marlene was experiencing severe pains in her upper back and was struggling to breath. At the hospital the blood tests, x-rays etc didn't show anything wrong so they discharged Marlene @ 16:00 on Sunday afternoon.
Marlene started experiencing much stronger pains yesterday and was struggling to breath so I called for a "Duty Doctor for a Home Visit". Five and a half hours later the doctor (A young asian lady) turned up and said Marlene had just strained some muscles in her back and prescribed co-codamol as pain killers. SHE DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN TO MARLENE'S CHEST OR HEART EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS TOLD QUITE CLEARLY THAT MARLENE HAD COPD AND A HISTORY OF HEART TROUBLES!!!!!!
Things took a turn for the worst last night and we had to get an ambulance via 999. The ambulance took Marlene to hospital in under blues and twos and the hospital have confirmed that Marlene had had another heart attack.
I don't like to ask but would really appreciate any prayers and thoughts for Marlene's well being from any members who would be willing oblige.
At the moment I am worried sick.

Ria Raeb

Well-Known Member
Hi Pete,
I had a heart attack four weeks ago, was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning, had two stents fitted on Thursday and was released on the Friday. Been feeling better than I have for years. I am sure the care your good lady receives will be the very best, having been in four hospitals with heart problems the care given on heart wards is exemplary.
Not a religious person but my thoughts are with you and Marlene.



Always on
Premium Member
Had two myself and had the wife taken in a few weeks ago via 999 with similar symptoms. Tests looked ok but shes still awaiting results of a subsequent treadmill test she did.

Quite disgraceful that given your wifes history, the doctor wrote it off as muscular. I'd be creating merry hell with the authorities about that, for all the bloody good it'll do.

I'm not a religious man but any prayers and thoughts I can offer are freely given. Worrying times indeed, hopefully things will resolve.


Always on
Premium Member
Thinking about both of you, all the best for her speedy recovery also agree with Jar even though we know how busy they are.


Always on
Premium Member
Best of luck Pete. Hopefully she will be back home and enjoying herself very soon.


Active Member
Just a quick update on Marlene's condition. Marlene is "comfortable" now. We are now waiting for a slot for her to have an angiogram when they decide if they are going to put more stents in her (She already has two from her previous heart attack back in 2013) or if she needs a heart bi-pass operation. If they opt for the bi-pass operation they will keep her where she is (Fairfield Hospital) until there is a spare bed for her at either Manchester Royal or Withenshaw Hospital where they can carry out the operation.
She is able to sit up in bed relatively comfortably and can chat and smile so that is a very pleasing move in the right direction - And Marlene is in the right hands, the staff in the cardiology ward at Fairfield Hospital really are marvelous and so helpful.
On the (Off the records) advice from one of the cardiology team I am going to our doctors surgery to lodge a complaint about the "duty doctor" that didn't even want to listen to her chest or back even though she had been told that Marlene had a history of heart complaints and had already had one heart attack. Their opinion is that if the "duty doctor" had bothered listened to Marlene's heart she should have realised that she needed to get an ambulance immediately.
We both thank you all for your well wishes.


Rain maker
Just saw this. Glad she us comfortable and in good hands. Wishing her a successful outcome. And good wishes to you too of course, the often overlooked loved ones. Spent many a time fretting while my youngest daughter was in theatre so know how worrying it is.


Stuck in Toronto
Being comfortable will allow her to get the rest she needs. Hoping for the best here.


Active Member
Thanks for all the well wishes. I've just got back from my morning visit at the hospital and it seems that there is another "complication" set in, It now turns out that Marlene has an infection and they are waiting for test results to decide on if they can carry on and do the angiogram this afternoon but the consultant has said that it is doubtful. Fingers crossed!


Active Member
Thank you all so much for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers, they mean a lot to both Me and Marlene! unfortunately the infection that Marlene has is not clearing as well as the doctors had hoped so they will not be able to do an angiogram till some time next week.
I don't mind admitting that I am not the strongest of people and find ti so upsetting that she is so ill and there's very little I can do except try to help Marlene to stay positive.


Looking for a cause.
Do you have any relatives or close friends that you can sit down with and have a good old heart to heart.