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35mm film out the canister


New Member
I need help, I made a boob, new to this film photography stuff.
So I have an Olympus OM 10, I shot my first roll of film, I went to unwind the film to put it back in the canister to get developed, wound it the wrong way now I have a loose reel of film in the opposite end of my camera, have I lost all hope of getting the photos developed if I just take my camera to get them developed? And explain my situation?

Ta folks

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
Hello and welcome to the forum.

I guess the answer to your question is "How did you find out you have a loose roll of film at the wrong end?" If you opened the camera back in daylight, then you are out of luck. The film is probably toast now and there's next to no chance you'll get anything from it.


If you haven't opened the back the shop should be able to take the film out in a darkroom. You could also do it yourself, in a darkened room with the camera in several layers of black plastic bags. Once removed, the film could be rolled up and put in the container the cassette came in, again put in a light-tight bag, with a note saying 'ONLY OPEN IN DARKROOM. I've done this a few times when the rewind knob was broken, although now I would use my lightproof changing bag.