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All join in *** 2017/2018 Charity Premier League Football Game !!! ***


Always on
Super Admin
This season's charity fun game is up and running.
(Don't worry if you see this after the first games already taken place as no-one does well at first and it has been won by people who have completely missed the odd weekend or two!)

Everyone and anyone can join in.
You don't need to know anything about football to play, or win, as we prove every year!! :)
All you need to do is just guess the score of each game.

Half the money goes to a very worthy charity http://www.whenyouwishuponastar.org.uk/ (see below from Martin) and the winner takes the other half.

The more players we get, the more fun it is, so everyone join in!
This is not restricted to UK members BTW, our overseas friends are every bit as welcome to play, and just as likely to have a chance of winning!

To see the game and place your bets go here:
(this is the "Football Betting Game" button at top of every page here.)

To join the game, go to your username top right any page and choose "Account Upgrades"

On that page choose "Charity Football Game"

That will take you to the paypal page.

Have fun !!!!


Rain maker
I'm in!

The more members the more fun it is. It's for a good cause. I can't look at the website because it seems to cause something to go in my eye, but a great cause.
Plus we get the chance to laugh at @stem when he's at the bottom.
Or me when I am.

Unless @paulmag saves the day and joins in :)

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
I'm looking at bets, and I see entering an amount for each bet, which is not in the agreement????


Rain maker
Welcome Roger! It makes no difference coming in a bit late, it's a lottery half the time.

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
who forgot to place their guesses today @Roger S ??

go to the footy game preferences and set the tick for reminders.
Well darn it! I thought I had that set to remind but apparently not. :(
On the other side, I just placed my bets now. Thank you.