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An oldie


Always on
This was taken in 2015 at Doug's studio. I had a huge selection of images from that shoot but wasn't that good at editing back then so only finished a few images. Now I've got a little more time on my hands in the evenings I've started to go back through some of them.


steve b

Always on
I'm looking forward to your latest post processing from a shoot at Doug's a while ago. There seemed to be a fashion, for a while, that backgrounds had to be either a block of pitch black or brilliant white, it's interesting to see the way the light falls on the black background in this excellent shot. Also where the light's falling on the model. I've watched so many vids of late and the pro photographers don't seem to have a problem with white being grey or black being a darker grey in places.

Good work.


Rain maker
Lighting is good for me too. I often use white background with no lighting. (well in theory if I used my camera...)


Always on
Premium Member
Its all good for me.

Grey is the best colour for backgrounds as you can blow it to white, make it black and it takes colour gels leaving them richer.
It is also perfect for compositing low key images without the bother of cutting out.
Its good being able to use lighting as opposed to relying on ambient.

Great job.


Always on
Super editing and I'm a fan of the grey background too - liking the spot colour effect of this one too (reds and greys)


Always on
Thanks everyone!

Was a good day that. Miss seeing who's popped in
Yes! I saw something of his pop up on Purple Port but I don't think he's done anything recently. I am very grateful to him as this was my first ever studio experience and I have come a long way now!


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Premium Member
Love it, we've had a couple of forum meets at Dougs and always learnt some new techniques.


Always on
Great light, model and photography. It would great with a spot on the background to give it that glamour 90's look, maybe