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An update on Harley


Active Member
Well it's been just over 2 months now since we got Harley out of the terrible situation he was in and he has come a long way. He no longer feels that he has to wolf his food down without even chewing it for fear of not knowing when he will his next meal - His weight has levelled out and is stable at 15 kg, which is about right for his size and breeding. His tail now is completely healed up and the hair is growing back on it nicely. He had no hair on his ears which we thought was the result of stress, both ears are now growing a nice covering of hair which suggests that he is now settled and content with us. His heal work was terrible when we first got him, it was like having a constant tug of war which was leaving me with one arm longer than the other - His heel work (Both on and off the lead) is now showing a very marked improvement as long as he is not too distracted by other dogs which he wants to play with, but that will improve with time and understanding. His recall was not too bad but Harley would often put his "deaf head" on if he wanted to carry on playing and ignore me. I have been working hard on his heel work and recall for a few days now using firmness and kindness (And countless treats) and hopefully this video which I shot this morning will confirm that my hard work has started to pay off.
Please do feel free to put comments and any hints or tips which might help me turning Harley into a gentleman rather than a little four legged huligan.
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He's doing very well indeed, your hard work, patience and kindness are paying off.


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Premium Member
Looking good.
It amazes me how much love and trust they have in them after what they have been through.
Can't imagine getting a dog other than a rescue one.


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Premium Member
Well done to both you and Harley. Looks like it will be a superb friend. I wish my dogs were as good as Harley,

It is agony for me to think of animals being mistreated. Just two days ago I was in my car at my favourite snake spot when a chap returned to the car with his 5 dogs. Picking them up one by one and dangling them by their collars he threw them into cages in the back of his car pushing them in barely open gaps and walking them as he did so. One got out and it got punched in the face for doing so. Whole thing is on my dash cam and has been sent to the local police via the rspca. I was loosing my rag but thought better to take this route than get confrontational.