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Anyone any idea what costs are involved with starting a forum


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
First thing I will say is it doesn’t mean this forum or even starting another photography forum :)

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Warhammer, there is a ‘race’ in Warhammer (Bretonnias) that Games Workshop stopped producing a while back.
The only forum with any real info left is the
Round Table of Bretonnia who seem to have fallen foul of GDPR, or rather worried re consequences of GDPR. Think the problem might be their software they use isn’t GDPR compliant, indeed Google Chrome shows the site as not secure, but that may just be chrome. Last May they wouldn’t take any more new registrations, message went up yesterday the site would go ‘black’ on 31st December 2018. I am semi interested in starting something similar off, dependant on costs (and not falling foul of GDPR)
Anyone any idea of software/costs in something like this?


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
Software like on here would set you back (for the same package) ~£500 for the licensing and you can add some on top for the cost of some of the extension modules for the software (though there are some open source forum packages like SimpleMachines and PHPBB that may fit the bill) then the cost of decent hosting could be anywhere upwards of £10 a month (don't believe the packages that come in dirt cheap and say "Unlimited"), then a domain name would be a tenner a year.

Then there's the time put in to setting it up and getting it going. At minimum look to be spending at least £150 a year (plus time and not including software/module licensing costs).


Always on
I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Warhammer, there is a ‘race’ in Warhammer (Bretonnias) that Games Workshop stopped producing a while back.
Gutted!! That's what I used to collect and paint but not followed that world for 5-6 years now. Shame!! :)
LOL at the GDPR accusation though lol :D - Warhammer is fantasy - not law!!!