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Asking new members to introduce themselves

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Comments Forum' started by SAVA9E, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. SAVA9E

    SAVA9E Always on Premium Member

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    Everyday we get new members come on and ask as question and you can guarantee in one of the following posts there will be someone saying "why not go to the new members section and introduce yourself". To be honest Im guessing most new members have looked around before posting and have seen the relevant section and chosen not to use it. To me it comes across as rude and off-putting as if we wont answer until you have used it.

    Now don't get me wrong but is there another way, maybe they have to fill it in before they are able to post rather than asking, not all new members want to stay after they have asked said question.
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  2. rebel06

    rebel06 Without a cause Moderator

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    You will always get those that just want a question answered (I have done it in the Vauxhall owners forum) but I think those that stay around a while would benefit from saying hello, and those that have posted at least know we have a forum that is well attended by mods/admin and members, so I don't think it's rude to ask.

  3. gaelldew

    gaelldew Always on Premium Member

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    Thank you @rebel06, @SAVA9E dont forget that we Premium pay to support the forum and I had already conversed with Roger over this subject.
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