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Bedroom sets

Discussion in 'Photography Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Forum' started by J_D_F, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. J_D_F

    J_D_F New Member

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    Hi. I have a studio and have done a few bed shoots for bed manufacturers, just white background shots. I am getting some requests for bedroom sets and am considering offering this option. I have my prices set out for the white background / basic editing and supply, which I have kept at a very competitive price. However, I am struggling on how to price up for the bedroom set.

    It may be obvious but I am thinking to just charge for the cost of materials and the time taken to build the set, but if I am reusing some of the material for future clients then do I charge a percentage of the costs?

    Any advice on pricing, use of props and anything else you may find relevant would be appreciated as I am a long serving wedding & portrait photographer with very little commercial experience but I am in an industrial rich area and can see a lot of potential clients for this type of photography.

    Thanks in advance

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