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Beginner really confused


New Member
Good evening all ,
I am having a little dilemma with my first camera choice . I currently have a budget of £400 and am looking for a beginner camera for pictures mostly and there just seems so much choice every time I look at 1 camera another pops up . I was tempted by the Nikon d3500 but then heard they were moving more to mirrorless cameras in the future so was worried if I buy lenses they may be useless in the future then there seems to be so many canon cameras at beginner level but recently noticed the Sony a6000 has been reduced in price with good reviews !!!! The video options don't really bother me as I am really after pictures but just feel totally lost with all the options available for myself and wanted to get some opinions and help .
If anyone could help this would be much appreciated
Thanks Anthony


Always on
Premium Member
Knowing your budget is helpful, thx. Knowing what you want to do with photography will also be helpful. Are you planning to make this a hobby or is this more of a casual thing?

What's driving your interest, for example a parent taking photos of your child, travel photography, landscapes, portraits.

DSLRs and their lenses will be around for years to come, so no worries there and any lenses you buy for a Nikon or Canon DSLR can continue to be used with their mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless is the next greatest thing offering some advantages over DSLRs but they do have some disadvantages as well.

If your photos are primarily destined for social media, emails, and sharing electronically with friends then a basic camera and zoom lens should suffice. You may even be satisfied with a bridge camera, a camera that does not require separate lenses (interchangeable). A rule of thumb, the smaller the sensor the greater the zoom range and the lower the cost, the larger the sensor the less the zoom range and the better the image quality. Within any category of cameras less expensive cameras have slower autofocus, fewer frames per second, and less control over the exposure; more expensive cameras have faster autofocus, more frames per second, and greater control over exposure (such as better dynamic range, greater ISO range, etc.). Shooting images of a child running requires faster autofocus.

It may be that your best next step would be to visit a good camera store having knowledgeable personnel, ask questions, and try different cameras.


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Premium Member
Have a look at MPB our Sponsors, you might be better getting a second hand one to start with as you will need lenses they do those too, have a look there then come back to us with your choices. Oh and why not go to this tread and introduce yourself.

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