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Calling All Creatives - The Foamy Wizard is coming to Blackpool - 4th and 5th April


Always on
I thought this may be of interest to one or two of you
John Davis - aka The Foamy Wizard is coming to my hotel in April. He will be showing us how he created his amazing foam pieces.
It's a not for profit event for me - and accommodation is available at cost price for any folk travelling from afar

The FOAMY WIZARD is coming to Flash Bang Wallop !!!!
Monday 4th April and Tuesday 5th April - £150 for BOTH DAYS!!!!
Day 1
John will start with explanations and demonstrations and you will be creating a small set piece to give you a practical insight into the explanations.
After lunch you will create your very own masterpiece with the assistance of John to help and guide you through
Day 2
All day practical creating your own masterpiece with John's
guiding assistance and expertise
Your major piece can be anything you choose
Some ideas are:-
Armour, Fashion Collar, Headdress
The cost of the 2 day workshop is £150
(£75 deposit required to secure your place)
So let your imagination run wild and you will be surprised at just how creative you can be.
What's included:-
All the foam you will need
Sandwiches and warm drinks on both days
Guaranteed Free parking
What You Will Need
A4 cutting mat (or larger)
A scalpel and spare blades (John uses a number 3 handle and number 11
blades) - or a Stanley knife
A metal ruler or straight edge
A hot glue gun and glue sticks
Contact adhesive (evostick from
A USB stick to download documentation
Any embellishments you want for your major project - feathers, paint,
Please don't panic if you dont have all those as John has spares of some
of those
Accommodation available in own room at
Canasta Hotel, 288 Promenade, Blackpool
for £30 per night - covers bed and large breakfast
Stay on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday - your choice - or choose elsewhere if you want the Ritz!