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Full Critique Cameras


Here a lot
Premium Member
Good Morning!

Last month I attempted a 'still life' of my favorite cameras, trying to work out a setup what will eliminate all shadow, while keeping within a budget that does not allow a glass table top.

(Does 'still life' require organic items in the composition? I understand that it usually does, but usually is not necessary...or is it?)

Collection 2a (1024).jpg

My next attempt will include hiding the tripods in some way and eliminating the shadows without resorting to editing.

Comments appreciated.

Enjoy the day,



Always on
Premium Member
I don't like photos without shadows personally. They tend to look like catalogue shots without.

I don't think organic is necessary.

Mike Singh

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Premium Member
Still life is an arrangement of inanimate objects. Classic renaissance still life included organic subjects. Modern still life can include anything.

Nice work.

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Here a lot
Premium Member
@oldgeezer - The work without shadows is just to see if I can do it with my limited resources, and without 'photoshopping' it.

@balami - Thank you.

@Mike Singh - Thank you.

Forgot to say that his was shot with an 8 mp Canon A630, available light, with a 160 LED cine flood on the backdrop.