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Canon AE- 1 camera

Discussion in 'Film and Vintage Forum' started by Jessica Akins, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Jessica Akins

    Jessica Akins New Member

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    I purchased this old vintage film camera years ago and have had it packed away, recently unpacked it and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it?

    I'm not usually a film shooter, strictly digital but I also have a collection of old vintage Polaroid cameras still in working condition, just need to buy some film and will be good to go with them.
  2. Ozzie_Traveller

    Ozzie_Traveller Old Hand Premium Member

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    G'day Jessica

    I'm sure that someone here who had one of these years ago will soon answer your Q

    Regardless of its name - being an old camera you might want to confirm that the basics are working okay ... wind on the shutter mechanism and with the camera back open, fire the shutter 100 or so times at varying speeds and look at its operation for consistency and general performance

    Dr google will advise you as to battery types suitable for the metering side of things

    Hope this helps
  3. Roger S

    Roger S Crazy Canuck Administrator

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    Hi Jessica and WELCOME to the forum.

    Phil above has pretty much spelled it out. The AE-1 was a great camera and is still a welcome addition addition to anyone's kit who is interested in film photography. As Phil indicated, open the back and give it a good looking over then trip the shutter quite a few times while looking through to the lens, checking to see that you see light on the other side. If all looks good then stick a roll of film through it. That will indicate whether the lens and shutter are OK as well as telling you if there are any light leaks in the seals.
  4. i.candide

    i.candide Here a lot Premium Member

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  5. Tom Knoebel

    Tom Knoebel New Member

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    Wondering if you have tried out your AE-1 yet. Is it a program model. You may need a handheld meter for the builtin could be faulty by now.
    You can test it by comparing the meter read to a digital camera reading or a meter phone app. Get a roll of T-Max 100 and just try it out.
    Lots of service and parts available for these rigs. My go to camera since 1985. Here are some resent shots.
  6. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Always on

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    I love and still use my Canon AE-1 camera, in fact I just bought a few new attachments and lenses because they where so affordable :)

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