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Discussion in 'Portrait Images Forum' started by Evertking, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Evertking

    Evertking Well-Known Member

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    It's my wife, again.. she is my test subject ;)
    I'm thankful to have someone that I can practice on.
    I like this, just not sure about the pose. I know nothing about posing. At all...
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  2. Minor Problem

    Minor Problem Always on Premium Member

    Edit my images ?:
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    I quite like the pose although you need her a little higher in the frame so you don't cut off parts of her arms and you're lucky to have a willing model. I think it would be a better shot if you had put the negative space on the right side of her to have her looking into the frame rather than looking out of it. You could do it in editing but it's easier to sort in camera.
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