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Full Critique Couple from Weddings last few months

Discussion in 'Wedding Images Forum' started by rusticbonde, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. rusticbonde

    rusticbonde Member

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    Hi all,

    Im trying to find a style I really like. Either really vintage or high colour pop!?!? Im stuck. These two are my favourites i have taken so far this year. Critique is really welcomed :)

    <3[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Snips

    Snips Always on

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    My personal feeling is the WB is a little magenta-ish in the first and I think the clarity/contrast could be lowered to help their skin tones and possibly cropping the top left out of the image to lose some of that glare/brightness.

    In the second I feel a lift in the shadows would help greatly.

    Nice couple of poses, especially in the second.
    rusticbonde likes this.
  3. tenchy

    tenchy Rain maker Administrator

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    I feel the 2nd could have used some fill.
  4. Kevin Fox

    Kevin Fox Always on Premium Member

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    Here's the trick, if you want to make a business of this, make money and all, you have to find a style they like, not you. You will be asked, on occasion, to do things you don't like doing.
    Haripaul and Snips like this.
  5. iso-photo

    iso-photo New Member

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    Like selective colour hahahaha

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