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Here a lot
Saying all that above, i just had a look at the clips on here and you can't read the number plates but on the software you can.


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Was thinking of getting one of these, though about the Nextbase 312 .. @yasser @Pete.Bony would you recommend it?
Hi Paul, I personally would recommend the Nextbase 312G (Which is the one that I bought last week for £59.95 from a seller on e-bay) The only one fault that I can find is on the audio side of things - Sometimes it picks up some noise which sounds like an engine running very unevenly. I have now found the fault that was causing this strange noise - It was interference coming through the USB cable - The Nextbase USB cable that came with the dashcam has now cured that problem and is fitted round the outside of the windscreen out of the way.
I have just made a short video for Youtube to show the typical footage from the Nextbase 312G Dashcam. I will let you judge for yourself.
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Here a lot
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G'day fellas

In Oz we have plenty to choose from with BlackVue being very popular. I have their HD model of 2k pixels 1920 x 1080 or close to that with the 'usual' 135 degree lens system to see all across the front of the vehicle. Pretty useless for numberplate recognition though unless the other vehicle is quite close.

Here's a typical snap from a video ...
The vehicle on the left was overtaking me and the white car ahead was the usual safe-spacing-in-traffic distance in front of me

View attachment 299717

Many rear-window systems have a 60 degree angle of vision and provide a better chance for number plate recognition if ever needed

The 32gb card will cover 6 hrs of recording before being overwritten again.
ps- the newer 4k video systems are obviously better, with a 32gb card doing from 30 minutes to 60 minutes before being overwritten

Hope this helps
May I ask about BlackVue? I have seen them on offer in Nairobi for about $65 U.S with front and rear cams. Do they offer on board image stability? I tried a GoPro 3 and it was too shaky. One of the problems in Kenya is traffic cop corruption and bribes. I’d like to think a cop would not try it on if they saw I had a dash cam in my 4x4 at a traffic stop.


Here a lot
I have a Nextbase and can totally recommend it... The SD card is on a loop, so it continues to record. It has good quality images day or night, gives the speed at which you are driving too.


Rain maker
Yes I bought one last week, works fine.
how are you finding it?

Do you ( and others) leave it in the car overnight?

Also, does the sucker ever fall off? Both my tomtom (which was heavy) and my garmin satnavs fall off. Bloody annoying.

yet another edit: Just saw the magnetic connections. These ever play up for those who had them longer? I had a phone with similar (not magnetic) looking connections that met the wall at high velocity due to the infuriating intermittent connect/disconnect sounds, and the tomtom was similar and that ruined a few days, including a stunning photographic opportunity in scotland.
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Looking for a cause.
@tenchy .. yes I leave it in the car overnight (but i live in a gated community) and have never had it fall off using the sucker mount.