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Datacolor Spyderprint & Rendering Intent Question


Well-Known Member
Hi all

I have a quick (Hopefully) question regarding rendering Intent when printing

I use the Datacolor Spyderprint System (Current Model) to create ICC Profiles for my various printing papers but have one question regarding which rendering Intent to use when printing using those profiles

My printing software suggests

Perceptual is used for general printing

Relative Colorimetric is used for Photos with limited or specific colours

Saturation is used for graphs and charts

Absolute Colorimetric is used for Proofing under controlled lighting

So my limited understanding would suggest that Perceptual would be the correct one to use, but the instructions with the Spyderprint says I should use saturation.

Anyone got any thoughts on this and which would be the correct one to use when photo printing.

Thanks for anyhelp with this



Always on
Premium Member
Saturation is fine for graphics, not for photos. Perceptual intent is great when the vast majority of colors are within the chosen color gamut, for example sRGB. The problem with Perceptual is that it remaps all colors to accommodate those colors that are out of gamut. So, it depends on the colors and how far out of gamut they are as to how extensive the remapping is. Relative Colormetric only remaps the out of gamut colors leaving all the other colors as they were captured. Relative Colormetric will display in gamut colors more accurately.

Some photos will look better using Perceptual rendering while others will look better using Relative Colormetric. I prefer Relative Colormetric though it often means more editing for blue skies, if blue is the only color that is out of gamut then I use Perceptual.


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the replies

Just did a load of test prints, both test images and real images using all 4 rendering intents and for some reason the one that gave the best result on very print was Saturation, colour wedges on the test prints and colour graduation on the real prints was so much smoother on saturation than any of the others.

The same result could also be seen on the monitor when soft pròfing.

Don't know why though as everything I have read, including the above comments say saturation and photo printing is wrong.

Perhaps there is something odd with my Epson 1500w printer or the bulk ink I use.