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'Dead Stuff' Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Comments Forum' started by Andy 0, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Andy 0

    Andy 0 Always on

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    Is this another interesting and entirely legitimate thread shut down 'because reasons'?

    Not a single remark was combatitive in the thread, nor was there any single item that breached forum rules.

    When @Andy 0 is wholeheartedly defending @Mike B and his right of reply you know I'm not especially happy. I rarely agree with Mike but he raised a legitimate and interesting point.. And well, the 'ban hammer' has fallen.

    You'll kill this forum with this carry-on, whoever you are.
    oldgeezer and JAH-WAR like this.
  2. JAH-WAR

    JAH-WAR Always on Premium Member

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    I thought exactly the same @Andy 0. At least the decency of some explanation would have been appropriate. As you say, we may not always agree on someone else's point of view but have the respect for their right to voice it. So much for freedom of speech. I dare say that snowflake fingers were lingering over the Report button. Dunno why tho, I can't see anything contentious in how the replies were presented.
    oldgeezer likes this.
  3. oldgeezer

    oldgeezer Always on Premium Member

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    Well at least the 3 misery guts are all awake.

    I don't really care what others say and when I do I get stuffed up the backside.
    JAH-WAR likes this.

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