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Dinner is Nearly Ready - Lightroom HDR Tool


Always on
A few days ago I discovered Lightroom has an HDR tool and a Panorama tool, which I like too.

I decided to test the HDR tool and although the computer processing is a touch tedious, the whole HDR process from beginning to end jpeg product has proved to be very quick with few clicks. These images are a straight AEB (auto exposure bracketing) one full stop over- and one full stop under-exposed with the camera on a tripod and aperture set to f/11. I must admit I forgot to lower the ISO from 800 so perhaps this has a bearing in the fifth paragraph but I doubt it. No flash was used.

The merge itself has three options and, to be honest, I couldn't really see what the difference was. This is partly because the merge is quite slow and by the time I'd made a mental note of one image and then set up another I'd forgotten what the first looked like - age probably has something to do with it. :grin: (i5 core, 8Gb RAM using 20Mb images).

To use the tool you highlight the three images you want to use, press Cntrl+H or right click and choose Photo Merge -> HDR. You're presented with two options of Auto align and Auto tone (both ticked) then Deghost amount of None, Low, Medium, High. This is what I could not work out what was different. Finally an option to "Show Deghost Overlay".

After the merge my merged photographs were all on the bright side but after opening in Photoshop and a quick dabble in Viveza I came up with these. Note especially in the first photograph how the window is exposed correctly. General tweaking was done in the images but only the water jug in the second had a little bit extra, needed as you can see it looks slightly odd in the first image.

HDR in Lightroom is definitely worth an exploration in my opinion.






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lol - one of my customers owns two shoots. This is ready for the shooting party's return in mid afternoon.


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This is Lightroom cc

Do wish they'd put a few more cc into the engine though as it's painfully slow to use sometimes.

I asked for five minutes to photograph the room and only ran over by a minute :grin:


Stuck in Toronto
LR 6 also has HDR and panorama tool. I like the HDR, it produces very natural looking results.


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Premium Member
The de-ghost is to try and remove objects that move between exposures Ed, which in this scene is nothing ... so, no change.
Excellent set and very inviting scenes . Very well composed and processed


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Very impressive set of images Edward (I especially like the third one) and good old Viveza helping out again.


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Honorary Life Member
Nice images Edward thats the reason I updated to version 6 from 5 but couldnt get it to work on my gear .

I can still do blending using Mogrify and an addon in LR5


EXIF Seeker
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Nice images Edward, liking the ?Rams skulls on the walls in a few. Only thing I would say, is on the last it is making your Gin bottle look very empty :exit:


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Well done, Edward. Good introduction to a useful tool. As Brian mentioned, the De-ghost controls analyzes the three images and chooses one as the default image to correct movement. Photoshop/Lightroom's HDR processes are aimed at expanding the dynamic range more so than the creative/destructive Tone Mapping control that is the hallmark of some HDR software.

Andy 0

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I really like these images, to my eyes they retain a 'warmth' in what could be quite rigid photographs.

Did anybody else reach for a Genesis link á la the 'Song Association' thread, based on the thread title, or was that just me?


The HDR merge in Lightroom is nice and simple, very easy to use. I find it to be useful, but it definitely can be painfully slow.