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downloaded Lightroom 6 on Monday and requested a refund on Tuesday


New Member
Well, I don''t want to trash Lightroom 6 because obviously I didn't keep it long enough to try all the new features, but for people like me who do not have a high powered computers ( although Lightroom 5 works for me perfectly) My initial problems with my computer completely locking up whenever I did the panoramic or HDR merge was a disaster! Also, Before the merge you get an image to see what it will look like after the merge and the HDR feature is nothing more than what you can do with the highlight, shadow, White, and black sliders. There are no options to change the HDR effect like most HDR softwares. So, I was very unimpressed and figured I would just keep using Photomatix. The Pano feature did a good job of stitching, but there again froze up on Merge. I use the free Microsoft ICE pano software and it does everything I want. Again I can't speak for the other new features, but my initial experience was enough for me and what I do to just keep using LR5 and wait to see what future releases do to improve these issues. Hope everything works for you guys!!Must say that the live chat experience with customer support was quick and the money is suppose to be credited back to my credit card within 5 to 7 days.


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Honorary Life Member
Nice one not all upgrades are really suitable for everyone and I did get a refund on some industrial specialist software they upgraded from good to useless :).

PS the upgrade was in 4 figures


The HDR merge is a nice addition, IMO, but you're right, it does takes a while. If you have been using software like Photomatix you will definitely feel more limited with the lack of options in Lightroom. Like you, with some photos I find that the HDR merge does nothing that you can't do with the highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks sliders. But with some photos I do find that the HDR merge gives a better look, so from my experience it just depends on the photo.

Minor Problem

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Fair enough. I think the hdr assembly is just different to the finished products you might see from the likes of Photomatix, it's just an assembled raw from what I can ascertain ready for processing. If used with a wide dynamic range scene from multiple images it copes with far more than can be dragged out of the sliders from a single image. If then processed with across and photoshop very realistic images can be achieved in my experience of it. Personally I still prefer to do it manually but the results are much less surreal and over the top than the likes of Photomatix and I for one much prefer realistic tones.