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DPI Explained: Everything You Need to Know About Print Resolution

Discussion in 'Forum Printing Service & Questions Forum' started by Mike Singh, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Mike Singh

    Mike Singh Always on Premium Member

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  2. paulmag

    paulmag Always on Honorary Life Member

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    Not a bad video..........as well as the resolution industy rip software will interpolate anyway.............I have printed massive mMP images with no pixelation visible :) ...............probably why the software for RIP is so expensive
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  3. chaz

    chaz Always on Honorary Life Member

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    What he really means is ppi.
  4. MikeB

    MikeB Always on Premium Member

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    Fortunately very few photographers ever require raster image processing or the workflow management the software can provide. Otherwise this forum would be overflowing with help requests.

    I'm ok with the use of dpi (dots per inch) here. As I understand it, pixels only relate to sensors, image files and display devices and with each of these the term varies in meaning. Pixels are square. We print using dots. Whether we are dealing with half-tones, inkjets or laser, "dots" also vary in meaning and application. Dots are round. The two terms interrelate where it comes to print resolution however the similarities between the two creates more confusion than understanding. Photo printing services often stipulate what ppi (pixels per inch) an image should be to be printed at a specified size and quality. They are not likely to discuss dpi with a customer as the complexity of printing is more than most customers want to deal with.

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