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Want Pointers Finally happy with a photo


Here a lot
Premium Member
Finally I have taken a photo that I am very happy with. I know it's not very sharp or even probably very good but I had my dogs lead in my hands and was looking straight at the sun too (which I know is naughty!) so really it's just a quickly taken snapshot. But I'm happy lol


Old Hand
Premium Member
G'day Sharon

One of those "good-on-yer' days when things come together and produce a result that you declare to be a 'keeper'. We all have them

You note that it is not 'perfect' - but then not every image you or we take is 'perfect' ... but so long as here & now you are happy with it, then that's okay. Next year, after you have collected some more sunsets, you might replace this one with a 'better' one - and again, we all do it regularly. It is why we all are out with the camera, always chasing that 'better' result


Banjo Ryan

Always on
A nice sky and sunrise. It's also worth spinning 180 degrees at sunrise and see what the light catches as the sun comes up.

I know what it's like trying to take photos while the dogs are pulling at their leads :)

Ramble Vision

Mountain Climber
Super Moderator
nice one, always nice to make some progress. nicely times shot. the sun is in just the right place. as you ask for pointers, two things that I think straight away will strengthen the image is to level the horizon so the houses don't slope and if your feeling brave try and clone away the phone lines. Little details like these can make all the difference.


Here a lot
Premium Member
Thank you everyone :)
I will practise cloning, at the moment I am really bad at it, I think I'm too impatient lol


Always on
Always nice to get a great shot of the sun showing off its power and having fabulous effects on the sky. Well done in what would have been trying circumstances. What editing software do you use?