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Footy Green Screen

Discussion in 'Studio Images Forum' started by arteta, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. arteta

    arteta Always on

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    It was our annual trophy day at the grassroots football club were I coach my sons Under 7s last month so I got asked to do the photo's again. Last years was individual portraits on a white backdrop but this year I thought I'd jazz it up a little and use green screen

    On the plus side, I wasn't doing all the teams this year. Just four, but that's still 55 kids with editing taking nearly an hour to do both the individual and group. Problem is the software I used, as good as it is, doesn't allow you to do some of the things PS can so with the layers so it was pretty time consuming

    I know the lighting in the individual may not match the lighting in the scene but I had to remove one of the lights as it was rocked up against the bar so the barman wouldn't have been too happy :)

    Anyway, as time consuming as it was, I did get a pretty good sale from them but nothing to make a living off

    The group images were around 30mb each full res hence the poor quality

    Luca-1-PF.jpg NOAH-PF.jpg
  2. tenchy

    tenchy Rain maker Administrator

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    none of the kids or parents will give a toss about light direction :)
    They will like these
  3. Mike Singh

    Mike Singh Always on Premium Member

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    Nice work!
    arteta likes this.
  4. Isac

    Isac Always on

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    Well done arteta! They look really cool and the kids and parents will be happy as Larry with these. If it were me, I would have put some sort of frame around the "chopped off" kids, but that's a minor issue. Great work!
  5. Pete Larkin

    Pete Larkin Always on Premium Member

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    Looking great - the kids (and parents) must love these!
  6. Snips

    Snips Always on

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    Great idea and excellent work.

    After spending a considerable time pixel peeping I've only found the two shadows from the lad's legs in the top photo to look slightly awkward (for want of a better word). Even then you could argue that's the shadow from the main light behind.

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