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For those on FAA


Always on
If this is not the place to post this PLEASE remove with my apologies.

I've been working on my FAA site for a while now and recently started a group "Lizards of the United States" in a hope to attract like minded shooters :)

I was curious if any of the other FAA users here also started a group and what is the group?

I follow any of our members here as I find them and would love to know if there are any more I have missed :)

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
If this is not the place to post this PLEASE remove with my apologies.
I think there's a separate section where we could move this Shawn, but I'm just checking with the other Mods now.

Edit: Now moved. Good luck with your group too.
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Always on
Premium Member
Federal Aviation Authority, Paul, not the one though. @DwarvenChef I will try and remember the site when we come in January if there will be any out.