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Forum Current Competitions and Challenges

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Current Competitions and Challenges

When you go to the competition threads please ensure that you read the rules in the top post before posting your entry.

Why don't you check if you qualify and have a go.
Details of regular run events are outlined in the next post in this thread.

IMPORTANT Please note these competitions and challenges are posted to be FUN so enjoy.

To go to the competitions section Click Here

For competition information as it is posted subscribe to our Facebook Or twitter feed

Competitions and challenges open for Voting NOW!

Competitions and challenges open for entry NOW!

The IOTM entry thread is open for entries
Post your entries here Click here
Open till midnight 1st October 2014
The Mods Challenge for September 2014 is self portrait
Post your entry here Click here
Open till midnight 1st October 2014

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Image Of The Week IOTW

An image is selected by one of the moderators from all images posted in the previous week, it is that moderators personal choice and a different moderator is given the task of selecting the image on a rota basis.

The selected image is then posted on the forum home page for the week.

No action required by a member all images posted are eligible subject to it being the first time they have appeared on the forum.

The selected image is normally announced on Sunday/Monday.

winners here http://www.photography-forum.org/forumdisplay.php?f=60

Image Of The Month IOTM

Now changed to the all new automatic format same forum different method

The image of the month requires that you enter your best image for the current month into the current competition thread.

The competition is open to all members and the few rules governing entry are posted at the top of the thread.

The judging is by ballot and all members of the site are encouraged to cast their vote for the image they favour.

The competition closes on the last day of the Month and Voting for the winner of the previous month is available on a thread up to about the 16th of the month when the voting thread closes and the winner announced.

At the same time as the winner of the previous month is announced a new thread is opened for members to post their images for that current month.

IOTM Forum here http://www.photography-forum.org/forumdisplay.php/16-Image-Of-The-Month-Forum

The Moderators Challenge

This competition is open to members to see if you qualify check the current months challenge thread.

The challenges are themed and hopefully get members thinking of different subjects/techniques to try, the aim of the challenge is to help members develop their skills in friendly competition.

The winning image is selected by ballot of the moderators in the Mods Lounge.

The winning entry is normally chosen after the first week of the month.

Moderators Challenge forum here http://www.photography-forum.org/forumdisplay.php/27-The-Moderators-Challenge-Competition-Forum

Photography-Forum Awards

This is the end of year biggy with an on-line forum chat room with voice video and men in suits.

Towards the end of the year members make nominations in the various categories posted. Following the nominations is a period of voting by members culminating in the awards night where all the various category winners and runners up are announced usually with a cheer and a joke, tears wine and beer flows freely.

Annual forum awards here http://www.photography-forum.org/forumdisplay.php/45-XXX-PHOTOGRAPHY-FORUM-AWARDS-XXX

A forum is only as good as its members please participate, post images, ask questions, give comments, vote in the competitions.

Its a friendly place and monitored full time by keen friendly volunteers keeping this a safe place to be.

Remember there are NO stupid questions.

And most of all have fun we all come here because we enjoy photography and want to share with others of a like mind.
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