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fotoSense... or a lack of!

Discussion in 'Best Links On The Web Forum' started by Rick_L, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Rick_L

    Rick_L Active Member

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    Just wanted to share my experience of www.fotosense.co.uk with you guys just in case anyone is thinking of ordering from them.

    They are a local company to me, being based in Bolton and prices seem reasonable so I thought I was onto a winner!

    First time I called down to the shop I was made to wait outside for 10 minutes before they finally bothered to buzz me in through the door, despite several rings of the bell and the fact I had been clearly seen by people working in the warehouse at the back of the little sales counter.

    OK so I gave them the benefit of the doubt, they are after all an online based outfit so prob don't get too many face to face customers coming in.

    I was greeted by a less than helpful lady who knew the sum total of nothing about photographic equipment, to the point she was struggling to comprehend what a Compact Flash Memory card was, coupled with the fact that English is not her first language (I'm not even sure it was ONE of her languages!) I left the shop unsuccessfully managing to purchase!

    Gluten for punishment I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ordered the memory card via the online shop which stated 1-3 days for delivery, perfect I thought! 3 weeks later and several phone calls from me chasing it up I finally got told my memory card was in today! Perfect for me as I'm on a shoot on sat and need the extra storage!

    I travelled over, during my working day, only to find the morons had ordered me the WRONG card! Order cancelled, I walked out the shop so angry and frustrated.

    Just because a place has a lower cost than somewhere like Jessops they think they can treat customers poorly, not ring when they promise and just generally mess us about!

    Order at your own risk... you have been warned!

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