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Free Stuff

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
There have been many posts and threads started over the years on which free software for editing, etc. I thought we should bring that together in one thread.

Feel free to add any free stuff to this thread.


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
Free Adobe Lightroom equivalent (I haven't had chance to try it out yet though, as installation on a PC is currently a faff) http://www.darktable.org/
As an equivalent to Lightroom for Linux users, just looking at the site and it looks pretty decent alternative...

I'll give it a spin on my development Mac in a bit see what it entails.


Always on
Was aboot to link to Raw Therapee, but see its on the list paul linked to above. Also see raw shooter essentials is high on the download list :thumbsup:


Active Member
StarStaX - Great for stacking star trail images ----- sorry I can't post links yet but typing in StarStaX or markus enzweiler should get you the link to it.


Active Member
I like the sounds of that. I haven't downloaded yet, but the site seems clean and safe, and the software is free.
Thanks for posting the link, I download it a couple of weeks ago, it all works fine now but I did have a little confusion about setting it up...