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Fuji Cashbacks

Minor Problem

Always on
Premium Member
I'm quite tempted by the 100-400 with £270 off but I really don't need and would struggle to justify one.


Stuck in Toronto
Nice. I prefer straight sale prices, but I understand why they do the rebates/cashback to get the retailers to promote the deal and they still make the same profit.

I was just complaining to Canon Canada because Canon US has offered rebates on the Pixma Pro-100 several the times that make it $59!! Here, $400 currently. They have never had it on sale for less than $300 that I have seen.


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
I'm quite tempted by the 100-400 with £270 off but I really don't need and would struggle to justify one.
I have the 100-400 and it’s a very good lens, but as you say it has to be justified. There is actually £135 off/cash back off the 80mm macro, which interests me, but having the tamron 90mm macro on a Canon body already which I use for macro at present, would I get better images? Still very tempting though

Minor Problem

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Premium Member
I saw a pre-production one at Brands Hatch a couple of months ago in the hands of a Fuji pro, a lovely bit of kit but huge on an X-T2!


New Member
Another Fuji promotion/cashback push for the winter period. Cameras and lenses. Could help with the Xmas shopping/prezzie buying..

Hi, I would like to warn forum members that this promotion is not all that it appears to be.

I had great difficulty making a claim as the promotion website is blocked by common computer security products as a risky site or malware. I eventually managed to register a cashback claim by disabling security software and using low privacy / security settings in windows internet explorer.

After making a claim for the £220 owed me for purchase of 55-200 and 10-24 zoom lenses I received an acknowledgement email but no reference number or tracking link. I have heard nothing further about my claim for the lenses which were now purchased six weeks ago.

I emailed Fujifilm UK about my claim. They responded to my enquiry but said that the promotion is not their responsibility as it is managed by a separate company outside the UK.

The Fujifilm promotions support email does not reply to my emails to them.

I am now taking action via the vendor, who advertised the products at the reduced price, and via trading standards. I advise forum members not to purchase items through this scheme unless they are happy with Fujifilm's full prices. Personally, I will not be purchasing Fuji gear again.