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Gaming laptops


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My daughter is looking to purchase a gaming laptop tonight. Just wondering, what is the one component to make games run faster, is it just the video card and available video memory? Or just a combination of other components, as this will affect the price of the laptop. Some gaming laptops only have 8gb of system ram, but still 4gb of video ram (a latest nvidia)
There is one Dell with i7 processor, 6gb of vram (latest nvidia card) 16gb system ram, 256ssd plus 1 tb hard drive. Although it appears to be a beast of a machine, just wondering if it’s overkill for gaming, and it comes at a price (and her money lol)


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Most current games don't overload the CPU, but do tend to hit a GPU limit. Often there is little difference in framerate between an i5, an i7 or one of the new AMD options. In fact, you can save quite a bit by going for an AMD CPU and then spend the extra on a higher model GPU such as an NVidia RTX although currently not many brands have made gaming laptops with the Ryzen/Nvidia combo. I would also if it is mainly for gaming look for a 1080p screen with a high refresh rate over a 4k one with a low refresh rate. That also makes a big difference. Oh, and if it is going to be for high end gaming don't look at the thinner models as they all seem to struggle to not throttle when warm.
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Well it’s purchased (by my daughter) . Must admit the staff member who we asked at PC World didn’t seem to know a lot about them really. Went on the basis of online reviews that swayed us in the end - went for the Dell as in the first post (would make a nice editing laptop actually...... :) )PC world are making a recovery usb stick in the next day or two: although I could do it, if anything went wrong I would pick up the blame, so she was willing to pay for it to be done. She can pick the laptop up in a few days. The plus to all of this is that she can ‘game’ in her own room now - at present her Xbox and PS4 are in the front room, and online gaming can get very vocal :D


New Member
As far as I know, there are no gaming laptops. Even a laptop with good performance will work worse than a stationary computer with the same performance. But, if you tell me what games it plays, then you can help choose a good laptop.


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Yep, there are gaming laptops, I have an Asus G73 and its a great laptop, built for gaming [emoji106]