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Giclee prints?


Well-Known Member
i have recently decided to trial the services of one of the nations better photo print houses. I see they offer Giclee Prints at around 3 times the price of their standard product. Sorry for the numpty question, but has anyone done Giclee prints, are they worth the extra money and if so why? They call it a "fine art" service .... not sure my horse portraits qualify, but still thought I'd ask ... thanks for any enlightenment you can offer.


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Honorary Life Member
Giclee is art speak for an inkjet print, i make giclee prints at home using pigment inks on an epson r1800 and printed on acid free archival paper.


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From the French verb gicler - to spurt or squirt. Used to be specialised, not now. As Chaz says d.i.y.


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One can say that any ink jet printer is a Giclee printer by virtue of it being an ink jet. However, high-end ink jet printers used for giclee are fairly expensive, use more ink cartridges than standard, and can handle a wider variety of paper and canvas. The point of Giclee Prints is to reproduce fine art be it paintings, drawings, or even photographs at a high resolution (always 300ppi or better) and accurate color which means better than sRGB. To achieve colors beyond sRGB requires additional color ink cartridges often including RGBCMY, black as well as two or more gray cartridges of different densities - typically you will see 8-12 ink cartridges in high-end ink jets designed to reproduce art on various types of paper and canvas. The more cartridges, the wider the color range available and the greater density and tonality.

I use a Canon Pro 9500 with 10 cartridges. The expense of the cartridges is only the first hurdle. If you don't use the printer regularly, maintenance of the printer can become another hurdle. I tend to use professional printer service prints where sRGB is satisfactory. When I need accurate color, I will either go to the ink jet or professional Giclee service.