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Good job we are eventually leaving Europe??


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
Saw this on another forum today, apparently lots of internet forums have closed for 24 hours as a protest today. This from the Leica forum:
Dear visitors of the Leica Forum,
Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately the forum is shut down today.
We are protesting with Wikipedia and many other sites and communities against parts of the planned EU copyright reform and thus are switching off our site for 24 hours.
Specifically, Article 13 endangers this forum, all other online communities, and as consequence freedom of expression on the Internet.
The exact reasons why Article 13 is dangerous for all Internet forums can be found here:
Open Letter To the Members of the EU Parliament
Read the letter here: Open Letter To the Members of the EU Parliament


Always on
Premium Member
I think it unlikely that in its current form, article 13 will pass. Whether the UK are in Europe or not, if it did pass it would affect us all and in fact much of the planet.

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
I can't make heads nor tails of what the heck that is all about, but it sounds rather vague. If it's all about the EU, then I will volunteer to acquire a server here in Canada for this forum to operate on. ;)


Always on
Premium Member
It would have an effect wherever the server is based Roger. It is one of those areas where everyone needs to speak out.