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Want Pointers Grandma and grandson

steve b

Always on
I'm not sure I've got the lighting right, just one large octabox, which works quite well for me most of the time, but the baby's skin is so white he looks a bit blown.

Anyway, point me in the right direction please :)

Edited: slightly toned down the brightness on the baby's face

IMG_1774a 7x5b 1024.jpg
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Looking for a cause.
Nice moment captured well ... you could always use the adjustment brush in LR just on the babies face.

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
That's a great shot, Steve. I don't notice very much wrong with the baby's face, but if it worries you, Paul's suggestion would be the first step.


Always on
Premium Member
I think the lighting is fine Steve. Any more to the side and you would have heavy shadows between the two faces.


Rain maker
I don't see anything wrong with the lighting here Steve.
Grandma! Doesn't look it!


Here a lot
Hi Steve, love this image. Where did you position the octabox? At the minute that’s all I have so was just wondering where you placed it. Looking at the child’s eyes I’d say 45/45? Just thought I’d check


Here a lot
Thanks Steve. How do you find that works for the shadows on the far side of the subject? Can’t really tell from the image due to the tight crop

steve b

Always on
There is quite a strong shadow on my daughter's face, I think you will have to experiment using trial and error and some form of reflector. It's worth buying one of those windscreen reflectors, they're only a quid or so, and can be used just hanging from a coat hanger on a stand.

steve b

Always on
Hi Steve. What kind of focal length lens are you using for your small space.
This was shot at 55mm (24-105 zoom), I often use a 50mm nifty. This is on a FF camera, so between 30mm and 40mm on a crop sensor. There's plenty of scope to move about at these settings, it looks tight physically, but it's not that bad. If you could look at the space in a large studio that you actually need for head and shoulders portraits with a 50mm lens, you would be working in a similar space to my restricted one - the closer the softbox the softer the light, I believe Shaun.