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Help me find a camera please


New Member
I have been looking into bike cameras for a while but haven't found a clear winner so haven't been too serious with attempts so far.

Ideally, I would like to record whole rides. However files on my Nikon Coolpix W300 are limited to, say 4GB or 30 min at which point the camera turns off. HD 1080p 50 fps gives me about 15 min do I assume 25 fps wound give me about 30 min. As rides tend to be longer than this. 1 - 4 hr, this leaves me messing around with the camera, loosing focus and sometimes has lead to the bike computer stopping recording ride stats.

Given that file sizes seem to be limited to a fraction of card capacity, I would like the camera to simply continue recording into successive files. It's not than I ever want to keep the whole ride, it's just that I want it available for editing, pick out highlights etc without having to think about the camera while riding. Are there and bike cameras that can do that?

I know some cameras allow you to save specific incidents but that requires attending to the camera while riding. I don't want that distraction and cards are big enough these days to not require these limitations.

The other question I have ATM is about image stability, I only have a cheap mount and attempts at video so far result in a lot of shake from the road, rendering video useless. Obviously, most people seem to have solved this. Is the solution just down to inbuilt camera image stability, the mount or both?


Roger S

Crazy Canuck
Hello and welcome to the forum. The current laws state that camera recording must be limited to 30 minutes. These laws should have been changed on July 1 of this year, and very few makers have changed their specs yet. If you find one that records over 30 minutes, it will be the very newest cam on the market.


Ill stay with GoPro 4's.. why

As a sports photographer I have 6 3's and 4 4's, they take external extra batteries, I am able to record up to 12 hours, I place them at various locations around events such as Donnington and Silverstone, and leave them running (trackside of course)

The newer gopros do not take external batteries and full HD 30fps is available for just £100 on mint condition gopro 4s