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New Member
I am hoping that you guys could help me somehow. I had a complimentary newborn photoshot on thursday. I was reading here for suggestions about pulling up exif data? I used 2.8 aperture and set up the shuttle speed. The room was quite dark but I thought I ll edit the pictures once I m home. Nearly all my photos are out of focus. I only have few sharp pictures but even those ones aren't great.... I literally don't know what was the problem. This is not my first time and I don't feel tht I ve done nothing different. I have another photoshot on Thursday and now I m panicking because I don't know what was the problem. Please help!!!
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Roger S

Crazy Canuck
We would need more information to answer your question.

1. What shutter speed were you using?
2. Tripod or hand held.
3. What ISO value?

Would you upload one of your failures here complete with EXIF so that we can be of more assistance.

Lindsay Pennell

Active Member
Premium Member
I'm a bit concerned that you are doing paid-for gigs (you say this one was complimentary but that implies that others aren't) and don't appear to already understand about exif data and refer to "shuttle" instead of "shutter" (hopefully just a typo or predictive text). If the room was dark why were you not using flash or lighting?
(Or were you the parent shooting while the pro was doing their thing?)
What camera?


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
If you were handheld most likely the problem was too long a shutter speed resulting in camera movement (it's happened to us all at some point). If mounted on a tripod did you turn off image stabilisation on your camera (you need to do this when mounted on a tripod)? As above, using flash, preferably off camera, would light the room for you, or you could up the ISO,but the images will have more noise in them, but this could be reduced in PP.
Explanation about EXIF data and how to view it in a browser here
If you post up an image, you will get more help


Looking for a cause.
@akcorem , post up a couple of your images (within forum size limits) and we can hopefully find out what went wrong.


Always on
Premium Member
... I used 2.8 aperture and set up the shuttle speed. The room was quite dark but I thought I ll edit the pictures once I m home. Nearly all my photos are out of focus....
As mentioned, knowing the shutter speed, f/stop, and ISO is important to make an informed opinion. Seeing some of the images may help. But if I were to guess from the description so far I would say that you didn't have enough light, the shutter speed was too slow, and the "out of focus" was due to camera shake and/or depth of field.

An image requires a certain amount of light for proper exposure. You can't add more light later you can only brighten what's already there and if the image is dark then there is a reduced amount of image data to work with (the shadows are lost). Shooting from a tripod eliminates camera shake by allowing a longer exposure but that's for shooting subjects that are not moving around. A wide aperture, such as f/2.8, let's in more light but will produce an image with a small depth of field - that means less area will be in focus. You need a faster shutter speed and more light.


Where is the photo all of us are requesting you? The room was dark, but you have no business firing a Flash on a Newborn Child - instead use a gentle LED Light and a Tripod. Or move the Newborn closer to a Window for natural light.
You have no excuse for an out of focus picture in a Hi Tech world unless your Gear went Kaput Crazy. F2.8 is a pretty fast lens + High ISO - as high as 1600 + a shutter speed of 1/30 to 1/90 sec would have done the job in any dimly lighted room.
Now please, please do not panic. Set up the same Gear in a Dimly Lighted Room. Shoot with the values given. Lower the ISO if using a LED Video Light + Tripod.
Even hand held you can do it - sharp clear photos. If the Newborn's clothes + the Low Light "fooled" the Auto Focus System, use a Pillow (Newborn's sit in) and place a white sheet
with a criss cross pattern in Black Felt Pen and then Focus. Do the same when you go back to the Real Shoot - a Newborn will not mind placing that sheet of paper on him.
I can recover 10 EV of Under Exposure in Lightroom - so can you.