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I'm stuck!!

Discussion in 'Forum Printing Service & Questions Forum' started by Courtney Lewis, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Courtney Lewis

    Courtney Lewis New Member

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this, so bare with!

    I've only been into photography for about a year and am getting to the point where I want to print some of my photos.
    I have a sonyrx100ii so think that is good enough for decent quality prints.
    I have a few questions..

    1) firstly, if I transfer my photos from camera to phone and print from there, does that effect quality and therefore size of print?

    2)also, editing photos on whitagram or vsco will that also effect print size?

    3)thirdly, do you recommend photo print apps on phones? I only want my pictures printed to 12x8 max.

    Currently if I try to print photos from my phone, edited and on an app, I'm struggling to go bigger than just 6x4 and the app warns me the quality is not good after that! How can I print them good quality??

    I'm sorry that these are probably really begginer-ry questions!

  2. slipper

    slipper Always on

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    Why not take the card to a photo shop and let them print, or load the pics to your computer if you have a printer and print yourself. I imagine a phone will reduce the file size.
  3. DonS

    DonS Stuck in Toronto Moderator

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    I think going to your phone to try to print is going to cause headaches. As suggested use a computer to print yourself or take the memory card into a shop.
  4. kaybie

    kaybie Member

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    Hi Courtney,

    The sony rx100ii I believe has a little over 20mp resolution giving you 5472x3648px. This means at if you print at 300DPI then if I have worked this out right you should be able to print 18x12 (as long as the photo hasn't been cropped) so your target of 12x8 sits well within that.

    It really depends on how you send them. For example if you message them from your Desktop to Mobile (for instance iMessage) they can be converted to a smaller file. If you transfer them using another app then it depends how the developer has provided this mechanism. If the photo is not transferred to your camera roll also then some of the printing machines can have difficulty in locating the image.

    My other half has phoned me in tears because the machine won't find her pictures in her email and all in all can be frustrating.

    I am not familiar with either of those I am afraid.

    My other half uses photobox, touchnote and also once a month she orders 40 free photos from freeprints (you pay the postage). She loves them but I can't say I've had personal experience. I tend to save my prints up (to make the postage more stomachable, and also as often times later I find I don't want certain photos printing after all) and use loxley colour - they have a desktop app.

    I would say that that does indeed mean the images are being reduced in size. I would also say not to use your phone for anything that wasn't taken with it. Pop out your SD card and go in-store, or use an online service from your desktop.

    No, I've only just recently been looking at printing also. I would say the colours / brightness you see on your computer probably won't match the prints you get unless you have calibrated so bear that in mind and if that is important to you then run through the calibration process (or better hire a screen calibrator) and print just a few so you can be sure you are happy.

    If you do decide to calibrate and do some test prints, then loxley colour allow you to get 5 test prints free to assist.

    Sorry for the essay

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